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As a professional global power electronic instrument manufacturer, customer orientation is the underlying principle of all ITECH’s activities. We go the extra mile to know the deeper potential power testing requirements of the various industries we serve. With continuous improvement and innovation, ITECH’s wide product series bring worldwide users testing experiences to standards of excellence.

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  • More than 200 types of products: Programmable single and multi-channel electronic loads, high stable AC power supplies, programmable single and multi-channel power supplies, power meters, battery internal resistance testers and more. Automatic testing systems, Power automatic testing systems, battery charge and discharge testing systems, automotive wiring box testing systems, burn-in testing systems and more.


  • Power Test
  • Battery Test
  • New Energy Vehicle Battery Test
  • Automotive Electronic Test
  • Charging Stations
  • Charging Generators
  • Solar Battery Test
  • LED Industrial
  • DC Power Supplies
  • AC Power
  • AC/DC Power Supplies
  • Battery Test
  • DC E-Loads
  • AC/DC E-Loads
  • Power Meters
  • Auto Test
  • IT6300 Series
  • IT6400 Series
  • IT6500 Series
  • IT6700 Series
  • IT6800 Series
  • IT6900 Series
  • IT6100 Series
  • IT6000D Series
  • IT6000C Series

DC Power Supplies

Triple output, adjustable

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III IT6300A/B Triple-output DC Power Supply
ITECH IT6300 DC power supply

IT6300A/B DC Power Supply

ITECH’S IT6300 Series is a triple output power supply. Pressing the left/right arrow button allows you to adjust the stepping. This makes it a very convenient tool. IT6300B has a remote measurement function, enabling accurate testing. Multiple built-in interfaces, including RS232, USB, and GPIB. Each channel can be set to serial/parallel track mode, bringing you a true multi-purpose testing solution.

III IT6302 Triple-channel DC Power Supply
ITECH IT6302 DC Power Supply

IT6302 DC Power Supply

The IT6302 series programmable three-channel power supply provides 1 mV, 1mA, series and parallel operating modes, with improved voltage and current output capability. High resolution and high accuracy ensure accurate measurement. The high-definition VFD display can display and set the voltage of 3 channels at one time without switching. It greatly simplifies the complex operation of traditional three-channel power supplies.

III IT6400 Dual-channel Power Supply Battery Simulator
ITECH IT6400 Power Supply

Dual-channel Power Supply, Battery Simulator


ITECH’S IT6400 has an ultra-fast transient time less than 50μs. Its new designed speed shift mode achieves voltage/current fast rising without overshoot. Meanwhile, the waveform display function lets the test be visible and simple. The IT6412 is a dual-channel power supply, where channel 1 is for instrument power supply and channel 2 is for battery charging performance testing. The IT6411 is the single channel type of IT6412 and it can realize all the functions of channel 1.

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DC Power Supplies

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III IT6500 Wide-Range High-Power Power Supply
ITECH IT6500 Power Supply

Wide-Range High-Power Power Supply


The IT6500C series has two-quadrant current output ability and seamless switching between the two quadrants which enables it to be suitable for battery fast charging and discharging measurements without sacrificing accuracy. Combined with a IT-E501 power dissipater unit, the current sinking capacity of IT6500C can rise up to 100% and the power sinking is up to 300%. Thus it can meet the requirements of higher power discharging tests. In addition, it has built-in DIN40839 and ISO-16750-2 standard voltage curves for automobile power net test and I-V curve simulation function for solar panels tests.

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DC Power Supplies

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III IT6700 High Performance Power Supplies
ITECH IT6700 Power Supply

High performance, completely digital-control power supplies


IT6700 series economical power supplies have the widest voltage and current utilizations. One power supply can replace multiple other power supplies and be widely used in various testing situations. With a capacity of 100W, voltage output of 60V, current output of 5A, they can control voltage and current change rates automatically. The power ratio can be up to 3 times. For instance, one IT6720 with up to 60 V and 5 A can substitute several previous models, allowing cost savings over the cost of multiple units.

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III IT6830A/B Programmable DC Power Supply
ITECH IT6830 Programmable DC power supply

IT6830A/B DC Power Supply


The IT6800 series of programmable DC power supplies has single channel output. With a resolution of 1mV/0.1mA, you can adjust the voltage/current stepping by pressing the left and right keys on the front panel or moving the cursor in the program. OVP/OTP protection. The IT6800 supports timer functionality as well as built-in RS232 and USB communication for convenience in testing.

III IT6860A/B Dual-Range Power Supply
ITECH 6860 DC Power Supplies

IT6860A/B DC Power Supply

  • Convenient data entry via knob or numerical keypad
  • High accuracy and resolution 1mV/0.1mA
  • Remote sense
  • Lower ripple and noise

Wide Range Programmable Power Supply

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III IT6922A Wide-Range Power Supply
ITECH 6900 DC Power Supplies

IT6922A DC Power Supply

IT6900A series wide range programmable power supplies have built-in standard RS232, USB, GPIB, RS485 and analog interfaces, support the SCPI protocol, facilitate remote control, industrial PLC control and the formation of intelligent test platform. Remote compensation terminals avoid the problem of inaccurate testing caused by voltage drop on the wire. Low ripple, low noise and built-in digital voltmeter make it easy to use the IT6900A for external measurement. The IT6900A can be widely applied in DC-DC power supply modules, battery charging, sensors and other test areas.

Triple output, adjustable

III IT6120B High Accuracy DC Power Supply
ITECH IT6100B High Accuracy DC Power supply

IT6100B Programmable DC Power Supply


ITECH’s IT6100B Series has fast voltage rise speed and very high accuracy and resolution. Also configured with standard RS232/USB/GPIB interfaces to realize fast communication speed. List configure is accessible on the front panel. This offers a flexible solution to general laboratory and workshop requirements.

III IT6100 Programmable DC Power Supply
ITECH IT6100 programmable DC power supply

IT6100 Programmable DC Power Supply

  • Linear Programmable Power Supply
  • Higlight screen VFD display
  • Low ripple and low noise
  • High accuracy and resolution
  • Fast transient response time (<150 μs)
IT6000D High Power Programmable DC Power Supply
ITECH IT6000D High Power Programmable DC power supply

IT6000D High Power Programmable DC Power Supply

IT6000D Series has wide range of applications and a single unit provides power range of 5kW to 144kW, current up to 2040A, as well as voltage up to 2250V. IT6000D also provides multi built-in communication interfaces to simplify and accelerate the testing development. The compact 3U design saves rack space. Multi units of the same model can be paralleled easily to have higher power and the maximum power can reach up to 1.152 MW.

IT6000C Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supply
ITECH IT6000C High Power Programmable DC power supply

IT6000C Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supply

The bidirectional programmable DC power supply of IT6000C series combines two devices in one: a power supply (source) and an electronic load (sink) with energy recovery. Based on these two functions, IT6000C bidirectional DC power supply offers the functionality of two-quadrant operation. The regenerative capability enables the energy consumed to be put back onto the grid cleanly, saving costs from energy consumption and cooling, while not interfering with the grid.

IT6000C series provides 7 voltage grades, max. output voltage up to 2250V, support master-slave paralleling with averaging current distribution, max. output power up to 1.152MW. Built-in waveform generator supports generating arbitrary waveforms, and import LIST files for waveforms via front panel USB port. IT6000C is the combination of high reliability, high efficient setting, safe and multiple measurement functions. IT6000C is a family of bidirectional, regenerative power system with excellent performance, extensively used in aspects of highpower battery, automotive electronics, green energy, high speed testing etc.

  • IT7300 Series

AC Power Supplies

Programmable AC Power Supplies

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III IT7300 Programmable AC Power Supply

IT7300 AC Power Supply

  • High accuracy and resolution
  • Compact and standard size (300VA @ 2U)
  • Programmable frequency:45HZ-500HZ
  • Display Vrms, Irms, Ipeak, frequency, PF, apparent power and active power simultaneously

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AC/DC Power Supplies

AC/DC Programmable Power Supplies

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III IT-M7700 Programmable AC Power Supply 
ITECH IT7700 AC Power Supply

IT-M7700 AC/DC Power Supply

  • High accuracy and resolution
  • IU 1/2 rack compact design for increased space utilization
  • Compact and standard size (1U)
  • Built-in AC power meter
  • AC, DC, AC+DC output modes
  • Adjustable voltage & frequency
  • Built-in rich waveform database including 3D THD & user-defined waveforms
  • Harmonic simulation function
  • Settable output start/stop phase angle
  • Instantaneous power interruption & interference simulation
  • GPIB, LAN, USBTMC, RS232, CAN communication interfaces
  • IT5100 Series

Battery Tester

High Precision, High Resolution & High Speed

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III IT5100 High-Precision Battery Testers

IT5100 Battery Testers

  • Test & display resistance & voltage simultaneously up to 125 times / S
  • 4.3 inch LCD screen
  • Voltage ranges: 10 μV~300 V
  • Resistance ranges: 150 μΩ~3000 Ω1
  • IT8200 Series
  • IT8500 Series
  • IT8700 Series
  • IT8800 Series
  • IT8900 Series

DC Electronic Loads

Digital Control DC Electronic Loads

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III IT8200 Digital Control DC Electronic Loads

IT8200 Digital Control DC E-Load


ITECH’s IT8200 series loads are small, economical, high-performance, programmable electronic loads. They are widely used in production testing lines and maintenance lines etc. The 1mV/1mA resolution ensures accurate measurement results. CV/CP/CC/CR mode, short-circuit, testing function, easy operation and display access keys help you complete all the complex tests easily and rapidly.

DC Electronic Loads

Digital, Programmable

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III IT8500+ Programmable DC Electronic Load DC E-Load
ITECH IT8500+ DC load

Programmable DC Electronic Load


ITECH’s IT8500+ series (150W~3000W) single-channel programmable DC electronic loads are designed for middle & high-end applications. They can be offered as multiple solutions according to design and testing requirements. The user can perform online voltage measurements and adjustments or simulate short-circuit test using the simple keypad on the front panel. IT8500+ series DC loads are versatile instruments that provide users with the ultimate testing solution.

DC Electronic Loads


III IT8700 Multi-Channel DC Electronic Load

IT8700 Multi-Channel DC E-Load


ITECH’s IT8700 series programmable DC electronic load supports up to 16 channels with mainframe extension transient mode up to 25 kHz improving testing efficiency, all with high resolution and accuracy. IT8700 CC, CV, CR, remote sensing, short-circuit and transient mode for increased convenience.

DC Electronic Loads


III IT8800 High Power DC Electronic Load
ITECH IT8900 DC Electronic loads

IT8800 High-Power DC E-Load


ITECH’s IT8800 series(150~55KW, over 55KW customized) of programmable, high-accuracy electronic loads has a special LED mode which supports LED power drive test and programmable interface specifications to simulate LED current. The power of single channel can meet various needs, with ranges from 150W to 55KW. The highest power is 600KW. It also has OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP. The IT8800 voltage & current resolution is 0.1mv and 0.01mA. Adjustable current rising speed 0.0001A/μs-2.5A/μs adjustable space.

DC Electronic Loads

Digital, Easy to program parameters

III IT8900 DC Electronic Load
ITECH IT8900 DC Electronic loads

IT8900 DC E-Load


ITECH’s IT8900 series high-accuracy, LED-specific testing electronic loads can simulate the real output of LED lights with different characteristics. Their specific circuits can realize CR-LED mode, adjustable frequency, duty ratio PWM dimming output port(frequency:20HZ-2KHZ). The I-pp/I-max measurement function can test current ripple and start-up surge current of LED constant flow sources. Voltage and current testing speed can attain 50KHZ.

  • IT8615 Series

AC/DC Electronic Loads

Multiple Modes of Operation in AC and DC

III IT8615 AC/DC Electronic Loads

IT8615 AC/DC E-Load

  • Input scope: 50~420Vrms, 0~20Arms and 1800W
  • Frequency range: 45~100HZ
  • 3U volume, 1800W and 7”LCD screen
  • Parallel connection/three-phase control

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  • IT9100 Series

Power Meters

Two models: IT9121 & IT9121E

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III IT9121 & IT9121E Power Meters

IT9100 Power Meters

    The IT9100 power meter (IT9121 & IT9121E) can provide the maximum input of 600 Vrms and 20 Arms and measurement bandwidth of 100 KHz and can be easily used for measuring voltage, current, power, frequency, harmonics and other parameters. The standard configuration includes USB, GPIB, RS232 and LAN communication interfaces and has interfaces for USB peripheral devices. Users can save the measured parameters into the external storage medium. The basic voltage and current accuracy is 0.1%. Moreover, the power meter has rich integrating functions, such as active power. It is widely applied in motor test, household appliance test, UPS testing and more.

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  • ITS5300 Series
  • ITS9500 Series

Auto Test Systems

Charge & Discharge, Power Supply Testing

III ITS5300 Auto Test System
ITECH ITS5300 auto test system

ITS5300 Auto Test Charge & Discharge System

ITECH’s ITS5300 is the most accurate battery testing system, and includes ITECH’s power supply and electronic load, internal resistance tester, temperature capture card and ITS5000 battery test software. With this system it is possible to do a charge test in CC/CV and a discharge test for a CC/CR/CP for multi-channel single battery/battery pack simultaneously. Moreover, it can monitor voltage, temperature, and internal resistance of each single battery, generate charge-discharge curves and save test data.

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III ITS9500 Auto Test System Battery Simulator
ITECH ITS9500 Power Supply Test

Power Supply Test Systems

The ITS9500 power supply test system is a convenient, practical and cost-efficient testing system, designed for switching power supply tests. The standard 5U unit integrates electronic loads, programmable AC power supplies, programmable DC power supplies, noise analyzers, timing analyzers, digital electric meters, oscilloscope, I/O cards and other instruments. The ITS9500 can be installed on counter tops or inside standard cabinets.