Browse our catalog of compression seal and fiber optic fittings that offer secure connections between cables. Compression seal fittings, also known as sealing glands, are used to seal elements that pass through either an environmental or pressure boundary. To create the seal, compression seal fittings use mechanical components and an axial force to compress a soft sealant that is within a body. This allows for ease of installation, adjustment, and replacement of the elements. For fiber optic fittings, connectors are spring-loaded, so the fiber faces are pressed together when connected. If you need any assistance in finding the right compression seal and fiber optic fittings for your needs, contact our team of experts at Electro-Meters today.

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Conax PG Series (PG, MIC, MPG) – Compression Seal Fitting

Conax Technologies Model PG Packing Glands provide pressure/vacuum sealing for tubes, probes, pipe, cable or any single element assembly (not electrically isolating), including thermocouples, RTDs, thermometers, thermistor probes, capillary tubes, tubewells, multi-pair cables and analyzer sample tubes. PG glands seal against gases and liquids and resist element movement under pressure.

Conax PGS Series – Split Compression Seal Fitting

  • Seals 1 Element
  • For Gas or Liquid
  • Stainless Steel Fitting
  • Simple Assembly – Insert Element, Torque Cap
  • Replaceable Sealant Permits Repeated Use Of Fitting

Conax SPG/DSPG Series – Multi-hole Split Compression Seal Fitting

  • SPG Seals 1 To 11 Elements DSPG Seals Up to 17 Elements
  • For Gas or Liquid
  • Stainless Steel Fitting
  • Soft Sealant

Conax SPGA/DSPGA Series – Multi-hole Split Compression Seal Fitting

Conax now offers split seal fittings with pressure ratings that are higher than typical ratings achieved with our legacy SPG and DSPG multi-hole split compression seal fittings

  • Seals up to 12 Elements
  • Multi-hole split seal fittings that carry both hydraulic and pneumatic catalog pressure ratings
  • For liquid and gas

Conax HL Series – Hazardous Location Conduit Seal

  • Stainless Steel Fitting
  • For Gas or Liquid
  • Easy Installation -No “Potting”
  • Seals 1 to 12 Wires
  • Pressure: Vacuum to 10,000 PSI (690 bar)
  • Rated: 600 Volts to 55 Amps

Conax HD Series – High Density Feedthrough Assemblies

  • Sheath Material: 300 Series SST, 4.5″ nominal length
  • Temperature Range: -112°F to +250°F (-80°C to +120°C)
  • Vacuum Rating: 5 x 10-6 mm HG @ 68°F (20°C)
  • Leak Rate: 1 x 10-9 scc/sec He @ 68°F (20°C), 1 atm. applied
  • Voltage Rating: 100 VDC
  • Amperage Rating: 500mA
  • Feedthrough Pressure Rating @ 68°F (20°C): 5000 psi (345 bar)

Conax TG/MTG Series – Instrumentation Wire Compression Seal Feedthrough

  • Pressure/Vacuum Compression Seal
  • Stainless Steel Reusable Fitting
  • Soft Sealant
  • Wires Easily Assembled or Replaced In Field
  • Temperature Range From -300°F to +1600°F (-185°C to +870°C)
  • Pressure: Vacuum to 10,000 PSI (690 bar)
  • Seals 1 to 16 Elements

Conax EG Series – Power Compression Seal Feedthrough

  • Seals 1 Electrode or Element
  • For Gas or Non-Conductive Liquid
  • Stainless Steel Reusable Fitting
  • “Soft Sealant”
  • Electrode Easily Assembled or Replaced in Field