Weiss Technik manufactures high-quality environmental test chambers used for testing products in industries like automotive, aerospace, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. Their chambers simulate various environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, thermal shock, altitude, and vibration to evaluate product performance and reliability. With advanced control systems and customizable features, Weiss Technik’s chambers provide precise monitoring and regulation of testing parameters. Trusted for their quality and versatility, these chambers play a vital role in ensuring product safety and delivering superior solutions to the market.

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Weiss Technik Aerospace/Altitude/Space Simulation Test Chambers

Weiss Technik’s altitude test chambers allow you to create real-life stress testing conditions at various stimulated altitude levels and temperatures. Select chambers are designed specifically for the Aerospace, Military and Space Simulation industries.

Weiss Technik HALT/HASS/AGREE & Vibration Environmental Test Chambers

Weiss Technik offers many HALT/HASS/AGREE & Vibration style chambers including the Galaxy Series, EV Series AGREE, Star Series Vibration Tables and more.

Weiss Technik Heat Technology & Production Ovens

Weiss Technik’s heat ovens are designed to test the limits of products or components under various degrees of heat, and in some cases, drying. The selection of ovens includes chest ovens, continuous oven systems, inert gas atmosphere chambers, tempering oven systems and more.

Weiss Technik Pharmaceutical, Life Science & Stability Test Chambers

Weiss Technik’s stability test chambers are designed to meet your specific pharmaceutical and stability testing needs. Learn more about their chamber options, including those designed for long term and accelerated testing needs.

Weiss Technik Endurance – Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Weiss Technik presents the Endurance Series Reach-In Temperature Humidity test chamber, delivering unmatched performance, versatility, and reliability for all your environmental testing needs. With a compact footprint for enhanced testing flexibility, temperature range from -70°C to 180°C with up to 98% RH, 30% energy savings, numerous user and product safety features, and the advanced WebSeason touchscreen controller, Endurance sets the standard in advanced technology.

Weiss Technik Reach-In Environmental Test Chambers

Weiss Technik offers many reach-in chamber options, including those specific to noxious gas testing, temperature and humidity, extreme hot and cold testing, and more.

Weiss Technik Specialty Environmental Test Chamber Solutions

Weiss Technik offers a range of custom test chamber solutions, including those designed to test batteries, microwave systems, noxious gas, plant growth, clean rooms, emissions and more.

Weiss Technik Thermal Shock Environmental Test Chambers

The Weiss Technik Thermal Shock environmental test chambers provide stress screening of products to help find defects in electrical assemblies and other components. With two separately controlled hot and cold zones, thermal shock chambers provide rapid temperature changes. Meets many MIL-STD testing requirements. A wide selection of models are available to fit your exact testing requirements. Models include vertical, horizontal and liquid.

Weiss Technik Drive-In & Walk-In Environmental Chambers

Weiss Technik offers many drive-in & walk-in environmental chamber models, including those designed for altitude testing, stability testing, as well as chambers that integrate with Dynamometers. Pre-engineered and custom solutions are available.