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Eagle Signal 191 Series – Pushbutton Reset Timer

  • Panel Mount, easy operation
  • Dial and Push-button operation
  • Time delay or Time interval to control load circuits
  • UL Recognition E61735, CSA Recognition LR27967

Eagle Signal B506 Series – Repeat Cycle Programmable Timer

  • Three different base models: standard, high performance, and repeat cycle
  • Four digit dual line LED display indicates set value and time value
  • All models offer multiple field programmable modes of operation and time ranges
  • Multiple levels of security prevent unauthorized set value or parameter changes
  • IP65 rated for use in washdown conditions
  • Universal AC supply voltage (90-240 VAC) or 24 VAC/VDC models
  • Front panel programming with an intuitive button-per-digit interface
  • 5 amp relay output or NPN transistor
  • Industry standard 11 pin socket connection
  • Wide range of unique features for each model

Eagle Signal B856 Series – Multi-Function Timer

  • Button-per-digit preset entry simplifies setup and operation
  • High Contrast dual line LCD display indicates both Process Time and Preset Value
  • Field selectable for operation in On-Delay, Off-Delay, Interval 1, Interval 2, or Repeat Cycle modes
  • Universal Power Supply accepts 24 – 240 VAC or 24 VDC
  • Designed to meet IEC 801 level 4 noise immunity standards for increased reliability
  • Unique On-Delay/Interval mode lets one unit do the work of two in many applications
  • Industry standard socket connection
  • Programmable security levels prevent unauthorized setpoint or program changes
  • UL, CUL recognized, CE compliant
  • IEC IP65 rated front panel for use in washdown environments

Eagle Signal B866 Series – Multi-Function Analog Timer

  • Field selectable for operation in On-Delay, Off-Delay*, Interval, or Repeat Cycle modes
  • Universal power supply accepts 24 – 240 VAC or 24 VDC
  • Meets IEC 801 level 4 noise immunity standards
  • Unique On-Delay/Interval model lets one unit do the work of two in many applications
  • Industry standard socket connection
  • Front panel or DIN rail mounting
  • Flexible start and reset input signals
  • UL, CUL recognized, CE compliant
  • IP54 rated front panel – ideal for harsh environments

Eagle Signal CX200 & CX300 Series – Flex Timer Counter

  • Five time ranges from 19.999 sec. to 199 hrs.: 59 min.
  • Two count rates – accept and display counts from 1 to 19999
  • Two relay outputs – socket mounted for easy replacement
  • Two form C instantaneous contacts and two form C programmed contacts
  • N.O. solid state MOSFET, delayed action switch rated at 1 ampere continuous load current, 0-264 VAC 50/60 Hz or DC
  • Ideal output for switching low level signals and high voltage loads due to MOSFET output’s ON resistance of 0.5 ohm and very low OFF leakage
  • Programmed outputs operate in one of four load sequences; OOX, OXO, OOX with pulse output, and OOX pulse output with repeat cycle operation
  • Standard start is defined as ON delay reset timer or counter
  • For standard start units, timer/counter resets on power failure
  • Reverse start or OFF delay units will not reset on power failure and will continue cycle when power is restored
  • Non-volatile memory data retention

Eagle Signal HP5 Series – Cycle Flex Reset Timer

  • 16 standard time ranges from 5 seconds to 60 hours
  • Knob adjustable time ranges – progress pointer for each
  • Highly visible, calibrated dials (7.85 inch circumference)
  • Easily read and well-spaced calibrations
  • Red progress pointer displays remaining time interval
  • Pilot light indicates when timer motor is energized
  • Standard timers supplied with “power on” clutch operation
  • Optional reverse action clutch will not reset on power failure
  • 15 terminal ABS (UL rated 94V-0) molded housing has high impact resistance and will not support combustion

Eagle Signal HQ4 Series – Percentage Timer

  • Panel Mount
  • Settings may be made or set during timer operation
  • Designed for applications where ON time of a fixed cycle needs to be variable.
  • UL/CUL Recognition E61735

Eagle Signal HQ9 Series – Percentage Timer

  • Panel Mount
  • Electrically isolated pilot light
  • Cycle progress pointer
  • Compatible with CYCL-FLEX® series featuring unique plug-in mounting
  • UL Recognition E61735 CSA Certification LR26861

Eagle Signal MAX Count Series – 16 Preset Advanced Counters

  • Simultaneous Counter, Totalizer, and Batching
  • “ON THE FLY” Preset Programming
  • A-B, A+B and Quadrature operation
  • Sixteen Preset, Six Decade Main Counter
  • Single Preset, Six Decade Batch Counter
  • Six Decade Background Totalizer
  • 4 Wire / 2 Wire RS-485 Provides LOCAL & REMOTE process Control Capability with Modbus RTU protocol
  • Six Decade Start Count Preset
  • Counter Reset, Stop / Hold / (*Step Back) Inputs

Eagle Signal MAX Position Advanced Series – Advanced Position Indicator

  • Bidirectional (go thru zero) counter
  • Non-Volatile counter operation.
  • Four user programmable preset setpoints
  • Programmable reference setpoint
  • Programmable Operation; A-B, A+B, Quad
  • Programmable 6 decade correction constant
  • Selectable Input logic; x1, x2 and x4
  • 4 Wire / 2 Wire RS-485 Provides LOCAL and REMOTE process Control Capability Modbus RTU protocol
  • FRAM Memory for Setpoint storage
  • Built In Self- Diagnostics
  • Eight Alpha Numeric, 14 Segments LED display