Power is one of the most important elements of infrastructure and monitoring its quality is a vital task. Power quality analyzers provide technicians the tools they need to monitor and detect issues so that they can be resolved quickly. We carry a wide variety of equipment that have essential capabilities such as logging, monitoring, and analysis.

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NEO Messtechnik PQA 8000 – Mobile Power Quality Analyzer

The NEO PQA8000 reflects our understanding of power grid applications of today – the most complete and reliable mobile Analyzer you will find on the market. Multi-Touch, 4 hours mobile operation and complying with Power Quality Standards and Grid Codes your measurement application requires. Class A Power Quality Analyzer for measurements and analyses way beyond EN50160.

The only instruments in the world measuring Supraharmonic currents and voltages up to 500 kHz.

NEO Messtechnik PQA 7000 – Mobile Power Quality Analyzer

The NEO PQA7000 is the complete package mobile power quality analyzer. Featuring Multi-Touch, 6 hours mobile operation and complying with Power Quality Standards and Grid Codes your measurement application requires. Class A Power Quality Analyzer for measurements and analyses way beyond EN50160.

NEO Messtechnik PQM 100 – Power Quality Monitor

PQM-100 is based on a modular architecture, allowing combinations of one CPU module and up to 6 selected input modules into one device. The input modules are providing input signal isolation, filtering and A/D conversion. The CPU module is equipped with FPGA real-time controller for the calculation of all parameters and to provide all interfaces and data storage.

NEO Messtechnik PQM 200 – Power Quality Monitor

The PQM-200 is a computer-based Power Quality Monitor with up to 48 input channels. It combines functionalities of a Power Quality Monitor, Disturbance Recorder, Power Fault Recorder, Transient Recorder, Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) and high precision energy meter. The input modules are fully-isolated (isolation voltage 6kV) and provide a synchronized sampling rate of 144 kS/s per channel and 24-bit resolution. An Automatic Anti-Aliasing filter together with extremely low-noise ensures signal quality and signal processing.

NEO Messtechnik PQM SCADA – Power Quality Management Software

PQM-SCADA is the enterprise management software for Power Quality Analyzers and Disturbance Recorders. It is an easy-to-use software solution that allows the user to visualize live-data, historical data or reports. The multi-screen capability gives the user the ability to design their own visualization screens including the use of multiple monitors.

User-management with different access and security levels is integrated, including the option for your customers to view limited data.

Accuenergy Acuvim II – High Performance Power Meters

The Accuenergy Acuvim II is an advanced power and energy meter designed for industrial and commercial applications. With its accurate measurement technology and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, it provides real-time data on voltage, current, power, energy, and harmonics. The user-friendly interface and multiple communication protocols make it easy to integrate into existing systems, while the built-in data logging and power quality analysis features enhance energy management and system optimization. The Acuvim II is a reliable and durable solution that helps businesses monitor and control their electrical parameters efficiently, ultimately improving energy efficiency and reducing costs.

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Accuenergy Acuvim IIBN – BACnet Power Meter

  • Revenue Grade 0.2 class accuracy
  • Built-in BACnet-IP Protocol for integration with BAS and other monitoring and control systems
  • BTL Listed for Smart Sensor (B-SS) and BACnet Smart Actuator (B-SA)
  • Built-in mobile-friendly web server for real-time meter reading and configuration
  • Secure access to meter via HTTPs encrypted webpage

Accuenergy AcuDC 240 Series – DC Power Meters

  • Backlight on-board LCD display
  • Optional MODBUS RTU communications
  • Optional digital and analog I/O
  • Optional relay output
  • Optional data logging
  • Get optional alarm notification
  • Standard DIN size for easy installation

Accuenergy Acuvim-L – Economical Power Meters

  • Six different models for different applications
  • NEMA 4 rated tough and watertight design
  • 3-Line LCD display with backlight
  • Multiple current transformer options
  • Class leading 5-year warranty
  • Built-in MODBUS RTU (some models)
  • Optional digital/analog I/O or PROFIBUS (some models)
  • Optional DIN rail mount transducer (some models)

Accuenergy Acurev 1310 Series – Utility Revenue Grade Accuracy

  • Utility Revenue Grade Accuracy – IEC 62053-22 0.5s Class / ANSI C12.20 0.5 Class
  • Multiple CT Input Options compatible with any CT: 5A/1A, 333mV, Flexible Rogowski Coil, 80/100/200mA
  • 4 Channel current input including neutral current measurement
  • Residual current measurement available
  • 10-690Vac direct voltage input, fits all voltage rating system with one model
  • RS-485 port built-in with Modbus-RTU and BACnet MS/TP, standard integration with most systems
  • Standard Din-rail mount for ease-of-installation
  • Compatible with both 50Hz and 60Hz systems
  • Built-in energy pulse output and alarm output
  • Optional relay output for alarm and remote control
  • Tamper-proof design approved for revenue applications