For years, Superior Electric has been leading the way for high quality, durable, reliable electrical parts and components. Their extensive product offering is divided into two main categories: Voltage Control Components and Power Quality Solutions. Between the two, they have the manufacturing capability and engineering expertise to provide you with the products and services to meet the needs of your electrical application.   Can’t find the exact model you need? Contact us or browse our catalogue.

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Superior Electric 10C-12C Series – POWERSTAT Variable Transformers

POWERSTAT Variable Transformers of the 10C-12C Series are offered in single and three phase manually operated assemblies.

Superior Electric 1156D & 1256D Series – POWERSTAT Variable Transformers

POWERSTAT® Variable Transformers of the 1156D and 1256D Series are available in single and three phase, manually operated and motor-driven assemblies.

Superior Electric 116C-216C & 117C-217C Series – POWERSTAT Variable Transformers

POWERSTAT® Variable Transformers of the 116C and 117C Series operate from 120 volt lines and 216C and 217C Series operate from 240 volt lines. All models feature POWERKOTE coils.

Superior Electric 1296 – POWERSTAT Variable Transformers

The flagship voltage control product offered by Superior Electric, POWERSTAT® Variable Transformers provide a simple, rugged method of controlling electrical voltage, current and power. They take in utility line voltage and provide continuously adjustable output voltage.

Superior Electric 21-22 Series – POWERSTAT Variable Transformers

POWERSTAT® Variable Transformers of the 21-22 Series are of open construction and are primarily designed for back-of-panel mounting.

Superior Electric DIN1 Plus – Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors

  • 10 or 20 kA Surge Amp Capacity Protection per mode for DC use
  • 20 or 40kA Surge Amp Capacity Protection per phase for AC use
  • 15A and 30A models – Maximum Continuous Operating Current
  • 1Ø, 2-Wire plus Ground, 24, 48, 120 and 250 Volt Models
  • Ultra Compact, Fail-safe Design
  • Dual Component-Level Fusing
  • High-frequency Noise Filtering
  • Hard-wired via Box Terminals
  • LED Visual Protection Status
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • UL and cUL Recognized

Superior Electric WHR – STABILINE Automatic Voltage Regulator

Superior Electric offers an extensive line of voltage regulators as part of their WHR Series. WHR Series STABILINE® Automatic Voltage Regulators maintain constant voltage to your equipment, even when the input voltage and system load vary widely.