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APM EL Series – DC Electronic Load

APM’s EL Series is a high-power density, programmable DC electronic load with three voltage ranges 200V/600V/1200V. It supports CV, CC, CR, and CP, as well as CV+CC, CV+CR, and CR+CC operating modes. Two or more loads can be connected in mater/slave parallel mode to provide more power or current capacity. RS232/RS485 and USB communication interfaces are built-in, while LAN & GPIB communication cards are optional. The EL Series can be applied to battery discharge, DC charging station, and power electronics testing.

  • Power: 600-26400 W
  • Voltage: 200-1200 V
  • Current: 40-2880 A

ITECH IT8600 Series – AC/DC Electronic Loads

IT8600 is ITECH latest series of AC/DC electronic loads with power range 0~14.4 kVA and adjustable frequency 45 Hz ~ 450 Hz. The unique oscilloscope waveform display function of IT8600’s can display input voltage & current as waveform. It is equipped with measurement modes for different parameters such as inrush current, peak value, effective value, PF (power factor). Voltage harmonics measurement capacity is up to 50th. The built-in GPIB, LAN and USB communication interfaces are for reliable and fast control. IT8600 is the perfect solution for testing UPS, inverters, AC power supplies and relevant AC electronic components etc.

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ITECH IT8700 Series – Multi-channel DC Electronic Loads

ITECH’s IT8700 series programmable DC electronic load supports up to 16 channels with mainframe extension transient mode up to 25 kHz improving testing efficiency, all with high resolution and accuracy. IT8700 CC, CV, CR, remote sensing, short-circuit and transient mode for increased convenience.

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ITECH IT8500+ Series – Programmable DC Electronic Loads

ITECH’s IT8500+ series (150W~3000W) single-channel programmable DC electronic loads are designed for middle & high-end applications. They can be offered as multiple solutions according to design and testing requirements. The user can perform online voltage measurements and adjustments or simulate short-circuit test using the simple keypad on the front panel. IT8500+ series DC loads are versatile instruments that provide users with the ultimate testing solution.

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ITECH IT8800 Series – High Power DC Electronic Load

IT8800 series has wide power range 150W~10kW, voltage and current measurement speed up to 50kHz, resolution up to 0.1mV/0.01mA, adjustable measurement current rising speed 0.001A/us~2.5A/us, built-in RS232/GPIB/USB interface. IT8800 series has wide application fields because of its high performance, it has been used in LED lighting, automotive electronics and other fields.

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ITECH IT8900 Series – LED Test Programmable DC Electronic Loads

IT8900 series high accuracy LED specific testing electronic loads can simulate the real output of LED lights with different characteristics. Their specific circuit can realize CR-LED mode, adjustable frequency, duty ratio PWM dimming output port(frequency:20Hz-2kHz),I-pp/I-max measurement function can test current ripple and start up surge current of LED constant flow source. Voltage and current testing speed can reach 50kHz. IT8900 series provides CR-LED / CC / CV + CC / CR / CW and other working modes, built-in USB / RS232 / GPIB communication interface. Widely used in LED driver power dimming test.

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Preen PEL Series – Regenerative AC Electronic Load

  • Constant current (CC), constant resistance (CR) and constant power (CP) modes to simulate power factor from 0.3 to 1.0 (lead / lag)
  • Recycles power back to grid with efficiency greater than 90%
  • High power factor in grid connected side: up to 0.99