Preen (AC Power Corp.) offers products widely applied in multi-professional fields and provides the best power solutions to customers. Preen’s mission is to satisfy all customer requirements with respect to power environment, loading allocation, module solution alternatives, innovative design, efficient manufacturing and timely, comprehensive maintenance.

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Preen AFV/APF Series – AC Power Sources

  • Single phase output power from 0.5-20kVA and three phase output power from 10-2000kVA.
  • CE mark with high electromagnetic compatibility performance.
  • Programming Sequence Function: STEP and GRADUAL modes allow users to easily set sequences of start/ end voltage, frequency and run time for testing purposes.

Preen ADC Series – DC Power Supplies

  • O/P Power: 2-64kW
  • O/P Voltage: 0-600V, max output voltage is 30V-600V
  • High power density: 2kW and 4kW models are 2U, and 8kW model is only 4U
  • Three 19-inch cabinet available (18U、32U、42U)

Preen ADG Series – DC Power Supplies

  • Wide output voltage range: with maximum voltage up to 2000V, ideal for renewable energy, smart grid, and Electric Vehicle (EV) related applications
  • High Efficiency and Power Factor: up to 90% efficiency and power factor
  • High Output Power: up to 100 kW in one chassis with high power density
  • Fast Transient Response Time: <4~12ms

Preen ADS Series – DC Power Supplies

  • Output voltage of 28V ± 10% or 270V ± 10% for aerospace or military usage
  • Output current ranges from 50A to 1500A with maximum overload to 4500A
  • Capable of sustaining abusive loads with inrush current and reverse current, such as from aircraft engines or generators

Preen AFC Series – AC Power Source / Frequency Converter

  • Single phase power output from 0.5-150kVA and three-phase power output from 5-2000kVA
  • CE & RoHS certification, with excellent performance in safety and electromagnetic compatibility
  • High input power factory and high efficiency up to 92%
  • Coupled with 4 LED displays to show measurements of voltage, current, frequency and power at once

Preen APS Series – Solid State Automatic Voltage Regulator

  • Wide input voltage range : rated voltage ± 18% ~ ± 25%
  • Fast response : ≤4ms / step
  • High input power factor: ≥0.95
  • High efficiency: up to 98% at full load

Preen PEL Series – Regenerative AC Electronic Load

  • Constant current (CC), constant resistance (CR) and constant power (CP) modes to simulate power factor from 0.3 to 1.0 (lead / lag)
  • Recycles power back to grid with efficiency greater than 90%
  • High power factor in grid connected side: up to 0.99

Preen PFV Series – AC Power Sources

  • Regenerative function can sink the energy from load and return to the grid
  • Three-phase independent control to set voltage of each phase
  • Phase angle control to set angle between each phase

Preen PWF Series – AC Power Sources

  • Wide range output frequency up to 800Hz for aerospace and military applications
  • Three-phase independent control to set voltage of each phase.
  • Phase angle control to set angle between each phase.