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Lightel CI-1100 Fiber Optic Connector Inspector

The eye-safe CI-1100 Connector Inspector is a portable video microscope used to inspect fiber optic connector endfaces for contamination. The handheld probe design makes it easy for users to inspect both patchcords and hard-to-reach in-adapter connectors.

Lightel DI-1000 Digital Inspection Probes

The ergonomically designed DI-1000 is Lightel’s all digital video microscope probe. It connects directly to your PC through the computer’s USB2.0 port. Featuring easy single finger focusing, a built-in image freeze/capture button, and detectable resolution to 0.5µm, the DI-1000 package includes our free ConnectorView (standard) software, providing digital zoom, image display, image capture, auto-calibration and basic analysis tools.

Lightel DI-1000L-Pro Digital Inspection Probes

The DI-1000L-PRO combines the all-digital wide-view DI-1000L microscope with our ConnectorView™ Plus v2 Pass/Fail software for fast objective analysis of fiberoptic connector endfaces. Powered by it’s direct USB2.0 connection to your PC, the DI-1000L-Pro can provide you with automatically centered Analysis Reports and Summary Reports in Excel or text.

Lightel DI-1000MPO+ Digital Inspector

The DI-1000MPO+ incorporates the same features and uses the same single fiber tips and accessories as the popular DI-1000, but adds additional X- and Y-direction scanning knobs. This allows the user to manually scan in both the X and Y directions with one hand, providing unprecedented control and increasing the efficiency of inspecting the endfaces of MTP®/MPO connectors. No additional MTP/MPO tips are necessary to inspect one to four row (12 to 48 fibers) MTP/MPO connectors.

Lightel DI-2000 Digital Inspector

The DI-2000 features rapid one-touch autofocus. Its visual indicator LED will change from red to green when focus is achieved, facilitating connector inspection, especially useful in high density racks. In addition, since technicians must sometimes work in wiring closets or data centers with poor illumination, the unit comes equipped with a built-in flashlight. With its easily accessible capture button, capturing and saving images to your PC and other devices is simple. Like all of our DI Series scopes, the DI-2000 can use any of Lightel’s more than 120 inspection tips.

Lightel DI-3000 Digital Inspector with Integrated Wi-Fi

Building upon our successful Digital Inspector (DI-) product suite, Lightel has developed the DI-3000 embedded WiFi and autofocus probe, eliminating the need for direct USB connectivity to display devices. The DI-3000 allows the user to effortlessly inspect, store, certify and analyze fiber optic connectors without a physical connection to your Android mobile device, PC laptops, or other test equipment.

Lightel FiberView FV-3100 Benchtop Microscope

The FV-3100 (FiberView) is Lightel’s benchtop digital microscope designed for inspecting and capturing images of large core fiber. The large 1400µm x 1000µm Field of View enables inspection of fibers as large as 1mm, with digital zoom available for additional detail. FiberView can also be useful for 125µm fiber when it is important to see a larger area of the connector.