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Marvin Test Solutions PXI Chassis and Controllers

  • PXI-based functional test platforms for manufacturing, depot,
    intermediate-level, and flightline test
  • A family of PXI and PXI Express products including 3U and 6U
    chassis and instrumentation

Marvin Test Solutions PXI Digital I/O

High-speed and static 3U and 6U PXI and PCI digital I/O instrumentation. Offering test rates to 200 MHz and programmable logic levels of -10 V to +15 V, our digital products feature the highest performance and most cost effective digital test solutions in the industry.

Marvin Test Solutions PXI Measurement Instruments

Measurement instrumentation includes counter / timers, DMMs, digitizers, and RF power analyzers. These products are offered in PXI, PCI and ISA bus formats.

Marvin Test Solutions PXI Power Supply Instruments

High power, dual channel PXI User Power Supplies as well as precision DC source instrumentation. These products are offered in both PXI and GTXI formats.

Marvin Test Solutions PXI Stimuli Instruments

PXI Arbitrary Waveform and Programmable Function Generators as well as DC source cards and a precision standards module.

Marvin Test Solutions PXI Switching Instruments

Marvin Test Solutions’ switch card portfolio includes matrix, multiplexer, and RF multiplexer configurations. 3U and 6U PXI switch cards feature easy to use, reliable, and integration-friendly D-sub style interface connectors – a feature unique to Marvin Test Solutions PXI switch cards. GENASYS switch cards are compatible with MTS’s family of GENASYS Switching and Switching/Digital Subsystems, featuring integrated MAC Panel SCOUT receivers.