Current transformers (CTs) are compact devices used in electrical power systems to accurately measure and transform high currents for monitoring and protection. They employ electromagnetic induction to replicate current from a primary circuit to a secondary circuit with reduced levels. CTs are widely utilized in power generation, substations, and industrial settings, working alongside instruments such as ammeters and protective relays. They play a critical role in fault detection, ensuring the safety and efficiency of power networks. CTs’ adaptability to various current ratings and their ability to handle high currents make them indispensable components for accurate current measurement and control in modern electrical systems.

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Accuenergy AcuCT 5A – Split Core Current Transformers

  • 0.5% accuracy from 10%-120% of rated current
  • 100A to 5000A measurement range
  • Industrial standard 5A secondary output
  • Optional 1A output
  • Accessory kits included for mounting in multiple locations
  • UL recognized

Accuenergy AcuCT Flex – Flexible Rogowski Coil Current Transformers

  • High accuracy for demanding applications
  • Wide frequency range means excellent choice for harmonics and power quality
  • Wide current input range from 5A – 50,000A AC
  • Choice of 16″, 24″, 36″ or 47″ length
  • No additional power supply needed when used with Acuvim II Series meters
  • Fully customizable selection of flexible CT

Accuenergy AcuCT Hinged – Split Core Current Transformers

  • Quick & simple installation with hinged clip
  • Safe mV secondary output
  • 5A – 600A AC current input range
  • 0.5% accuracy from 10-120% of rated current
  • UL recognized

Accuenergy AcuCT mV – Split Core Current Transformers

  • Conventional 333 mV split-core CT
  • Safe mV secondary output
  • 0.5% accuracy from 10-120% of rated current
  • 20A – 5000A AC current input range
  • UL recognized

Accuenergy AcuCT R – Split Core Current Transformer

  • 5A – 5000A AC current input range
  • Revenue grade accuracy IEC 60044-1 0.5s class
  • UL listed for XOBA UL2808 standard, CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1
  • Push-open mechanism makes the installation quick and simple
  • Multiple voltage or current secondary output options including 5A and 333mVMultiple mounting options with included accessories
  • Multiple window shapes and sizes for multiple applications

Accuenergy AcuCT S113 – Solid Core Current Transformers

  • 1% Class Accuracy
  • 1.2In RF
  • 50Hz-60Hz Rated Frequency
  • ≤±1.0% Ratio Error
  • ≤60 Phase Error
  • 5-120% Measurement Range
  • 500V / 100 MΩ min insulation resistance

Accuenergy AcuCT S77 – Solid Core Current Transformers

  • 0.15 class accuracy
  • 10 kV impulse insulation (BIL)
  • 50 MΩ insulation resistance
  • 18 AWG UL 1015 Lead Wire
  • Measurement Canada Approved

Accuenergy Rogowski Integrator Kit – 5A

  • 0-5A rated output that works with any power meter or equipment with 5A nominal current transformer input
  • Individual CT ratios can be configured for each channel. Works in any single-phase application with different current ratings
  • Works in both 50Hz and 60Hz systems

Accuenergy Rogowski Integrator Kit – mA

  • 4-20mA or 0-20mA rated output that works with any analog input controller
  • Current sensing range from 2.5A to 50,000A to fit all systems
  • Designed to easily fit into panels or busbars where space may be limited

Accuenergy Rogowski Integrator Kit – mV

  • 0-333mV rated output that works with any power meter or equipment with 333mV nominal current transformer input
  • CT ratios: 500A, 1kA, 2.5kA, 5kA, 10kA, 25kA, 50kA
  • Individual CT ratios can be configured for each channel