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AEMC CA7024 – Fault Mapper Model

  • Hand-held
  • Detects opens & shorts
  • Measure cable length up to 6000 ft (2000m)
  • Automatic cable impedance compensation

AEMC CA7027 – Fault Mapper Pro

  • Identify and locate faults on power & communication cables, given access to one end only
  • Measures cable length and indicates the length and distance to cable faults to a range of 9 ft (3 m) to 19,000 ft (6000m)
  • Works with virtually any type of cable

AEMC CA7028 – Wire Mapper Pro

  • Indicates all common wiring faults including split pairs, shorts, opens, reversed pairs and crossed wires
  • Unique graphical and digital display of fault information and length
  • Indicates distances to opens and shorts and identifies locations
  • Built-in tone generator for tracing and locating cables