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Veeder-Root 7438 Series – Electro-Mechanical Totalizer

  • Resettable
  • Broad range of standard AC and DC models
  • Base mount and panel mount styles
  • High contrast white-on-black figures
  • cUL recognized; CSA certified
  • Tamper resistant construction
  • Capable of speeds to 600 counts/minute
  • Thermo-stable materials used for long term reliability

Veeder-Root 7441 Series – Electro-Mechanical Predetermining Counter

  • Reliable operation at counting speeds to 1500/minute
  • Underwriters Laboratories Recognized
  • 5 figure count display and preset capability
  • Models for AC and DC operation
  • Compact size – 2″ wide (50.8mm), 1″ high (25.4mm)
  • Rugged, high impact plastic and stainless steel case
  • Unique preset interlock prevents accidental change
  • Form C (SPDT) output contacts rated at 1 amp.
  • Models available with electric remote-reset
  • Convenient plug-in connector

Veeder-Root A103 Series – Preset Counters

  • Matching totalizing counter, time and rate indicators and controllers available
  • SSR relay output—selectable normally-open or normally-closed operation
  • High visibility 7-digit LCD display with backlighting capability standard
  • Long life 3 Volt lithium battery eliminates the need for external power
  • Accepts input signals from a variety of sources: Dry Contact, PNP or NPN Sensors, Encoders
  • High speed and low speed count inputs
  • Resettable remotely or from the front panel
  • Programmable security of front panel reset button and preset entry
  • Option modules provide additional functionality and added convenience
  • NEMA 4X/IP65 rated front panel for use in washdown environments

Veeder-Root C342 Series – DIN Time Totalizer

  • Available models include count and time totalization and rate metering
  • Bidirectional model suited for position and length measurements
  • Crisp 8 digit LCD display provides easy to read process values
  • Compact 1/32 DIN bezel and 32mm behind the panel depth save panel space
  • Choose from internal battery or DC powered units
  • Power by 12 – 24 VDC, with nonvolatile RAM for retention of process value and settings
  • Field programmable for NPN or PNP signals
  • Hi-speed (7.5 kHz) or low speed (30 Hz) filtering
  • Display can be reset from the front panel or remotely; front reset button can be disabled
  • IEC IP65 rated front panel for use in washdown environments

Veeder-Root C628 Series – Totalizers

  • 0.71” high digit LED display (27% larger than other 1/8 DIN units)
  • Programmable color change display based on an event
  • Batch units – Independent display of background total
  • Programmable help function and secondary legend display
  • Dual preset units – Preset 1 programmable as absolute value or prewarn which tracks Preset 2
  • Choice of NPN or PNP primary input
  • Filter speed settable for 20, 200, or 10,000 Hz
  • Standard Outputs: 1 NPN transistor (2 NPN transistors on Dual & Batch units) & 1 relay (optional 2nd relay on Dual & Batch units)
  • Front panel reset enable and preset lockout
  • Optional RS-485 plug in card
  • CE approved, UL, CUL recognized

Veeder-Root S628 Series – Digital Process Indicator

  • 0.71” high digit LED display (27% larger than other 1/8 DIN units)
  • Programmable color change display based on an event
  • Programmable help function and secondary legend display
  • Field configurable alarm outputs
  • Max. and min. value capture
  • Plug in option cards include: 2nd relay, digital input, linear output, RS-485 communication
  • Transmitter power simplifies wiring
  • mA inputs to 50mA, DCV inputs to ±10 Volts and ±100 mV
  • Tare function
  • Standard outputs: 2 NPN transistors & 1 relay (optional 2nd relay)
  • 100 ms sample time with 0.03% accuracy
  • CE approved

Veeder-Root VC772 Series – Multi-function Counter

  • Versatile all-in-one 1/16 DIN size multi-function device
  • Fast input frequency up to 60 kHz allows for high speed counting and measuring applications
  • Up to 3 Presets for precision control (1 as absolute or trail preset, range or limit value; 2 with relay output)
  • Times programmable up to 10 minutes for a variety of application requirements
  • Prescaler adjustable from 0.0001 to 99.9999 for industry leading precision
  • Fast installation and replacement with plug-in terminals
  • View two separate outputs at the same time with large two-line, easy to read display