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ITECH IT6700H Series – High Voltage DC Power Supplies

IT6700H series high-voltage DC power supplies has a maximum output power of 3000W, adjustable voltage 0-1200V and current 0-10A. IT6700H series provide list mode, built-in RS232 / USB / GPIB communication interface, rich SCPI instructions to facilitate the setup of automated test platforms. IT6700H can accurately follow the battery charge and discharge process, widely used in battery fluctuation simulation test, battery charger, high voltage ultra high speed diode, electrolytic capacitor, electromechanical control field and ATE test system which need to use high voltage and low current DC power supply.

ITECH IT6800 Series – Programmable DC Power Supplies

IT6800 series programmable power supplies (18V-150V / 72W-216W) are small in size but have high power output, and 10mV, 10mA resolution, supports RS232 / GPIB / USB communication interface.

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ITECH IT6900 Series – Wide-Range Programmable DC Power Supplies

IT6900A series wide range programmable power supply have built-in standard RS232, USB, GPIB, RS485 and analog interface, support SCPI protocol, facilitate remote control, industrial PLC control and the formation of intelligent test platform. Remote compensation terminals avoid the problem of inaccurate testing caused by voltage drop on the wire. Low ripple, low noise and built-in digital voltmeter make IT6900A easy to do external measurement. IT6900A can be widely applied in DC-DC power supply module, battery charging and sensors and other test areas.

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ITECH IT8500+ Series – Programmable DC Electronic Loads

ITECH’s IT8500+ series (150W~3000W) single-channel programmable DC electronic loads are designed for middle & high-end applications. They can be offered as multiple solutions according to design and testing requirements. The user can perform online voltage measurements and adjustments or simulate short-circuit test using the simple keypad on the front panel. IT8500+ series DC loads are versatile instruments that provide users with the ultimate testing solution.

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ITECH IT8700 Series – Multi-channel DC Electronic Loads

ITECH’s IT8700 series programmable DC electronic load supports up to 16 channels with mainframe extension transient mode up to 25 kHz improving testing efficiency, all with high resolution and accuracy. IT8700 CC, CV, CR, remote sensing, short-circuit and transient mode for increased convenience.

ITECH IT8800 Series – High Power DC Electronic Load

IT8800 series has wide power range 150W~10kW, voltage and current measurement speed up to 50kHz, resolution up to 0.1mV/0.01mA, adjustable measurement current rising speed 0.001A/us~2.5A/us, built-in RS232/GPIB/USB interface. IT8800 series has wide application fields because of its high performance, it has been used in LED lighting, automotive electronics and other fields.

ITECH IT8900 Series – LED Test Programmable DC Electronic Loads

IT8900 series high accuracy LED specific testing electronic loads can simulate the real output of LED lights with different characteristics. Their specific circuit can realize CR-LED mode, adjustable frequency, duty ratio PWM dimming output port(frequency:20Hz-2kHz),I-pp/I-max measurement function can test current ripple and start up surge current of LED constant flow source. Voltage and current testing speed can reach 50kHz. IT8900 series provides CR-LED / CC / CV + CC / CR / CW and other working modes, built-in USB / RS232 / GPIB communication interface. Widely used in LED driver power dimming test.

ITECH IT9100 Series – Power Meters

The IT9100 power meter can provide the maximum input of 1000 V and 50 A and measurement bandwidth of 100 KHz, and can be easily used for measuring voltage, current, power, frequency, harmonics and other parameters. The standard configuration includes USB, RS232 and LAN communication interfaces and also interfaces for USB-based peripheral devices. Users can save the measured parameters into the external storage medium. The basic voltage and current accuracy is 0.1%. Moreover, the power meter has rich integrating functions, such as the active power. It is widely applied in test of motors, household appliances, UPS, etc.

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ITECH ITS5300 – Battery Test Charge & Discharge System

ITECH’s ITS5300 is the most accurate battery testing system, and includes ITECH’s power supply and electronic load, internal resistance tester, temperature capture card and ITS5000 battery test software. With this system it is possible to do a charge test in CC/CV and a discharge test for a CC/CR/CP for multi-channel single battery/battery pack simultaneously. Moreover, it can monitor voltage, temperature, and internal resistance of each single battery, generate charge-discharge curves and save test data.