Electro-Meters Sponsors Polyloop from Polytechnique Montreal

Electro-Meters is proud to announce that they will continue their 2022 sponsorship of Polyloop and will continue into 2023. 

Hyperloop is a new mode of high-speed transportation, similar to a train in which a pod travels inside a low pressure tube. It is the near perfect vacuum in the tube that reduces air friction and allows the capsule to travel at impressive speeds.

The entire system uses only electrical energy and could be powered by solar panels installed above the tube. This technology would therefore be the fastest means of transport on Earth with the smallest environmental impact.

PolyLoop is a student lead team from Polytechnique Montréal aiming to develop and build a Hyperloop pod in order to participate in the international Hyperloop Pod Competition. They are the first and the only team in Quebec to pursue the development of this kind of technology. Since January 2020, PolyLoop strives to foster an environment which allows its members to showcase their technical skills while also leading them to make a change in the world of transport.

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