Electro-Meters is Proud to Sponsor the University of Toronto Formula Racing Team in 2024

UTFR, the University of Toronto Formula Racing, represents a student-led engineering endeavor at the University of Toronto's St. George campus. Each year, this dedicated team undertakes the design, construction, and competition of a novel formula-style electric race car. Comprised of driven undergraduates and graduates from diverse academic backgrounds, UTRF has garnered acclaim, securing three Formula Student Championship titles.

Participation in UTRF offers students more than just accolades; it fosters hands-on learning, bridging theoretical knowledge with practical application. Engaged in activities spanning engineering design, leadership, teamwork, and project management, members cultivate a robust skill set. Students are invited to contribute to one of four specialized departments: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Driverless Vehicle (DV) Development, and Business, presenting a unique opportunity for immersive involvement in cutting-edge automotive innovation.

Electro-Meters is proud to sponsor the team, providing them with equipment used to build their new UT24 vehicle for the 2024 season. We look forward to seeing their new vehicle put to the test this season!