The Formula SAE at the University of Laval Continue to Improve in 2024

We're excited to bring you the latest news and accomplishments from the Formula SAE team at the University of Laval. Check out the highlights from the team's recent endeavors below!


The team is proud to announce the completion of the carbon fiber seat, a technical feat expected to enhance their car's overall performance. Additionally, they've dedicated significant efforts to developing new engine parts in-house at the University of Laval, resulting in outstanding outcomes through collective dedication and collaboration.

Innovations continue with the recent finalization of new cooling plates, essential for optimal vehicle functionality. Current tests are underway to accurately measure their performance.

Moreover, the completion of car chassis welding represents a significant milestone in ensuring track safety and durability. With a unified chassis now in place, the vehicle is gradually taking shape, setting the stage for component integration.

The team made a notable impression as exhibitors at the Quebec Auto Show. This event served as an excellent opportunity for the team to spotlight their advancements and ingenuity in race car design and production.

The team also journeyed to Montreal to participate as exhibitors in a prominent event centered on promoting vehicle electrification and automation. The "RDV en route" event, hosted by Propulsion Québec, provided them with a platform to showcase their expertise and enthusiasm for innovation in the automotive sector. Additionally, it served as an excellent opportunity to connect with industry experts and engage with sponsors in attendance.

Electro-Meters is proud of the work that the FormulaSAE team at the University of Laval has done and are looking forward to future updates!