Electro-Meters continues to sponsor Girls SySTEM in 2020

Electro-Meters and Rigol proud to continue sponsoring Girls SySTEM in 2020. Congratulations to Deliah for winning the GirlsySTEM Rigol Scope! Deliah is in grade 10 and hopes to pursue Robotics Engineering. She loves turning an idea into something that works and feels robotics is the way to achieve that. Continue pursuing your dreams!

The Girls SySTEM program aims to increase diversity in the STEM workforce by pairing students in grades 7-12 with professional mentors from a diverse range of fields. In doing so, our mentees are able to acquire first-hand knowledge of STEM early on in their academic careers, which we hope will be vital in building the confidence they need in order to break into historically (and presently!) male-dominated spheres. We also promise to provide our mentees with critical insight into various STEM careers so that they are given the ability to make more informed decisions about their futures.