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ITECH’s Photovoltaic Testing Solution – IT-N2100 Solar Array Simulator

Photovoltaic power generation can be categorized into centralized and distributed systems. The promotion of distributed photovoltaic systems across the country since the latter part of 2021 has sparked significant growth in the distributed photovoltaic market. To meet the testing requirements of distributed photovoltaic components such as micro-inverters and power optimizers, ITECH has introduced the IT-N2100 series of solar array simulators.

The IT-N2100 series solar array simulator is a high-performance DC power supply capable of rapidly changing IV (current-voltage) curves. It accurately simulates the IV output characteristics of various solar panels under different environmental conditions, including temperature, light intensity, shadow attenuation, and aging. The simulator features a high-definition large screen that allows real-time viewing of dynamic and static IV curves. The series consists of four models, with power ratings of 800W and 1500W. The low-voltage high-current and high-voltage low-current models cater to ground testing and aviation testing requirements, respectively.

When testing micro-inverters, a photovoltaic simulation source with low noise and high-speed current loop is essential. The IT-N2100 series photovoltaic simulator offers a current loop speed of up to 500kHz and supports 250Hz MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) speed. Even under high-frequency MPPT tracking conditions, the IT-N2100 output remains accurate and adheres to the preset IV curve.

Standard with the IT-N2100 is the solar matrix simulation software, which allows synchronous control of up to 20 channels of solar array simulators. Users can employ this software to simulate the output characteristics of solar panels or arrays, create or load various complex weather conditions and international standards, and generate reports in a standardized format.

The IT-N2100 also boasts several advantages, including support for infinite series testing (1500V DC ground withstand voltage), protection against reverse connection, and ultra-low current noise. 

With seven years of experience in designing and producing photovoltaic analog sources, ITECH consistently provides the latest testing solutions for various industrial fields, including new energy vehicles, photovoltaics, energy storage, semiconductors, 5G communications, and motors. 

ITECH IT-N2100 Series – Solar Array Simulator

The IT-N2100 series solar array simulator is an advanced DC power supply designed for exceptional performance, featuring rapid IV curve adjustment capabilities. This cutting-edge device is capable of accurately replicating the IV output characteristics exhibited by a wide range of solar panels across diverse environmental conditions, including temperature variations, light intensity fluctuations, shadow decay, and aging effects. Its versatility extends to various applications, such as solar micro-inverter and power optimizer testing, satellite power system evaluation, sail power array assessments, and more. The IT-N2100 boasts remarkable attributes such as minimal ripple and noise, as well as swift maximum power point tracking (MPPT). Additionally, it supports multi-channel synchronous control and high voltage topology, ensuring seamless integration and precise control over multiple channels of solar panel simulation.