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Introducing the ITECH IT-M3140 Programmable DC Power Supply: Precision Testing and Efficiency Redefined

We are excited to introduce the ITECH IT-M3140 Programmable DC Power Supply, a powerful solution designed for testing, production, R&D labs, and ATE integration. With its innovative features, this advanced power supply sets a new standard for performance and efficiency.

  • LIST Mode for Comprehensive Testing: The ITECH IT-M3140 series introduces LIST programming mode, allowing users to simulate diverse power supply disturbance waveforms. By customizing parameters such as steps, duration, and slopes, you can verify the anti-interference performance of DC loads. Ideal for testing DC-DC power modules, motor drivers, and battery-powered appliances, the LIST mode brings precision and flexibility to your tests.
  • CC/CV Priority for Optimal Performance: With the CC/CV priority function, the ITECH IT-M3140 enables effective suppression of current overshoot. By adjusting settings, you can choose voltage high-speed mode or current no-overshoot mode, meeting the demands of various test scenarios such as laser testing and rapid voltage dips.
  • Enhanced Protection and Reliability: The ITECH IT-M3140 series offers nine protection modes, including Fold back, Inhibit, and Sense reverse connection protection. These features reduce power mode switching overshoot, prevent sense connection errors, and ensure a secure testing environment.
  • Seamless Integration and Control: The ITECH IT-M3140 comes with a standard USB/LAN interface, allowing easy integration with ITECH's PV3140 software. This combination enables remote control, data storage, and streamlined workflow management.

Unlock the full potential of precision testing with the ITECH IT-M3140 Programmable DC Power Supply. Experience unrivaled performance, enhanced efficiency, and seamless integration. Visit our website to explore the ITECH IT-M3140 series and embrace the future of advanced power supplies.

ITECH IT-M3410 Series – Programmable DC Power Supply

The IT-M3140 Programmable DC Power Supply is a compact 2U half rack solution designed for testing, production, R&D labs, and ATE integration. With power output of up to 1850W and 3000W, and voltage range from 30V to 1200V, it caters to a wide range of testing requirements while saving on equipment costs. It offers constant voltage, constant current, and constant power modes, with automatic wide-range output for enhanced flexibility.

The IT-M3140 combines stability, fast response times (<1ms), comprehensive protection functions, and LIST programmable capabilities. It features a standard USB/LAN interface for easy integration with ITECH’s PV3140 software, enabling remote control and data storage. Widely applicable in semiconductor device ATE, burn-in integration, testing and certification, power module development, and automotive electronics, the IT-M3140 is a versatile and efficient power supply solution.

  • Voltage:30V-1200 V
  • Current:5A-150 A
  • Power:1850W-3000 W