Electro-Meters is proud to sponsor the Blue Sky Solar Racing Club at the University of Toronto

The team will be in Australia from Oct. 13 – 20th 2018 to participate in the Darwin to Adelaide race. Vehicles are limited to 4 square meters of solar cells and 5 kW of stored energy. EM will be cheering them on.

The Blue Sky Solar Racing Club (Blue Sky Club) based in the University of Toronto is an Engineering student club specializing in the design, construction, and racing of solar powered vehicles. Since 1997, the Blue Sky Club has represented the University of Toronto in biennial solar racing events around the world. Bound by real world constraints, the Blue Sky Club makes use of a multi-disciplinary design approach, the resources provided by the club’s supporters, and the passion of its members to develop and implement the best possible solutions to improve the racing performance of its vehicles.

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