Electro-Meters in the Community

Electro-Meters is proud to sponsor university Electric Vehicle Race Teams across Canada. These teams compete at SAE International's Collegiate Design Series (CDS) at many Formula SAE events.
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We sponsor the following teams:

Blue Sky Solar – University of Toronto

FormUL – University of Laval

FormulaSAE – Concordia Univeristy

UMSAE – University of Manitoba

MAC Formula Racing – McMaster University

Ryerson Formula Racing – Ryerson University

McGill Formula Electric – McGill University

Éclipse-Véhicule solaire – École de Technologie Supérieure

Esteban – Polytechnique Montreal

Western Formula Racing – Western University

Ontario Tech Racing – Ontario Tech University (UOIT)

We are also a very proud sponsor to a few Highschool STEM Teams:

Machine Mavericks

Girls SySTEM

And even a Rocket team!

” For additional information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Dave Thompson.