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EPTECH Toronto 2022 – We Will Be There!

Electro-Meters will be attending EPTECH Toronto 2022 on June 15th, 2022 at Centennial College from 10AM to 4PM.

EPTECH is operated by EP&T Magazine, Canada’s information leader for electronics engineers and designers. EPTECH shows cover a very broad spectrum within the electronics industry, displaying such products as semiconductors and ICs; passive and electromechanical components; test equipment and electronic instrumentation; connectors; design, test and technical software; technical computer systems and products; design, testing and contract manufacturing services; electronic chemicals and materials production equipment; and industrial electronics products.

Our experienced technical sales team are excited to show off some of our most exciting products to you.

Please see below for a list of products that we will have available at our booth.

ITECH IT-M3600 Series – Regenerative Power System

IT-M3600 regenerative power system integrates two instruments in one, which is a bidirectional power supply and a regenerative electronic load. When used as a load, its energy recovery function can convert the absorbed DC power into AC power and return it to the grid. When used as a power supply, it can also be used as a wide range bidirectional DC power supply. IT-M3600 combines the advantages of both instruments well, and its small size of only 1U half rack also help to save your space, time and cost. IT-M3600 with high-precision output and measurement, it is suitable for multiple test fields such as multi-module batteries, multi-channel power supplies, micro inverters, and semiconductor devices.

ITECH IT-M7700 Series – High Performance Programmable AC Power Supplies

ITECH IT-M7700 High Performance Programmable AC Power Supply combines intelligence and flexibility, breaks through the huge defects of the traditional AC power source, reduces the size to only 1⁄2 1U, maximizes space utilization. Built-in power meter and arbitrary waveform generator make it convenient to simulate various arbitrary waveform outputs. IT-M7700 is designed with advanced technologies of programmable AC and DC power supplies, and can be widely used in multiple fields such as power energy products, home appliances, industrial electronics, and IEC standards testing.

ITECH IT6000C Series – Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supplies

The bidirectional programmable DC power supply of IT6000C series combines two devices in one: a power supply (source) and an electronic load (sink) with energy recovery. Based on these two functions, IT6000C bidirectional DC power supply offers the functionality of two-quadrant operation. The regenerative capability enables the energy consumed to be put back onto the grid cleanly, saving costs from energy consumption and cooling, while not interfering with the grid.

ITECH IT7900 Series – Regenerative Grid Simulator

The IT7900 series is a programmable, four-quadrant grid simulator. It is also a four-quadrant power amplifier, which can be used to test various grid-connected equipment. For example, PCS, energy storage system, microgrid, BOBC (V2X), PHiL, etc. With the islanding mode (RLC settable), a single unit of IT7900 can realize the anti-islanding protection test. The power density of IT7900 series is very high, 15kVA in 3U. After parallel connection, the power can be extended up to 960kVA.

NEO Messtechnik PQA 8000 – Mobile Power Quality Analyzer

The NEO PQA8000 reflects our understanding of power grid applications of today – the most complete and reliable mobile Analyzer you will find on the market. Multi-Touch, 4 hours mobile operation and complying with Power Quality Standards and Grid Codes your measurement application requires. Class A Power Quality Analyzer for measurements and analyses way beyond EN50160.

The only instruments in the world measuring Supraharmonic currents and voltages up to 500 kHz.

Yokogawa DL950 ScopeCorder

  • 200 MS/s high-speed sample rate
  • 8 G points large memory
  • Long recording to internal flash memory at 20 MS/s
  • 10 Gbps Ethernet high-speed data transfer
  • Up to 16-bit analog resolution
  • Isolated input of up to 1000V
  • Multi-unit synchronization of up to 160 channels
  • 8 input module slots and variety of isolated plug-in modules
  • 12.1-inch large touch screen

Yokogawa WT5000 – Precision Power Analyzers

  • Sample Rate: 10 MS/s
  • Power Bandwidth: 1 MHz
  • Resolution: 18 bit
  • Elements: 1-7
  • Accuracy: 0.03%
  • 10.1″ touchscreen

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We hope to see you there!