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SDS7000A Introduction Promotion

Introducing our latest innovation, the SIGLENT SDS7000A, designed to meet the demands of high-fidelity design and debugging tasks in automotive, semiconductor, and power electronics industries. Equipped with a cutting-edge 12-bit ADC and an advanced front-end design, it delivers enhanced accuracy and reduced noise, complemented by upgraded visualization and analysis capabilities.

To celebrate its launch, SIGLENT is offering an exclusive promotion for a limited time. With every purchase of an SDS7000A oscilloscope made between November 15, 2023, and June 30, 2024, customers will receive a bundle of premium visualization and analysis tools at no extra cost. This includes a comprehensive selection of serial decode options, power analysis features, embedded waveform generation, and the MSO option (logic probe required). 

 Offer valid until 2024-06-31

SDS7000A-FG50 MHz built-in function generator$740
SDS7000A-16LAMSO function (software), use with SPL2016 probe$1,020
SDS7000A-PAPower Analysis: Power Quality, Current Harmonics, Inrush Current, Switching Loss, Slew Rate, Modulation, Output Ripple, Turn On/Off, Transient Response, PSRR, Efficiency$1,640
SDS7000A-I2SI2S trigger & decode$550
SDS7000A-1553BMIL-STD-1553B trigger & decode$550
SDS7000A-FlexRayFlexRay trigger & decode$550
SDS7000A-CANFDCAN FD trigger & decode$550
SDS7000A-SENTSENT trigger & decode$550
SDS7000A-ManchManchester decode$550
SDS7000A-ARINCARINC429 trigger & decode (software)$550
SDS7000A-USB2USB 2.0 decode (software)$550

Permanent Analysis Bundle

SIGLENT Performance Oscilloscopes all offer Logic Analysis, Waveform Generation and serial protocol decoding capabilities. For a limited time, with the purchase of a new SIGLENT Performance Oscilloscope, purchase an Analysis Bundle at a special price. This is a limited time promotion for valuable SIGLENT customers, the promotion valid 11/1/2023 through 06/30/2024.

The bundle includes the SPL2016 logic probe, Logic Analysis Option, Waveform Generator option, and waveform generator hardware if needed for your scope.

Offer valid until 2024-06-31

Scope Family

Add Bundle Model

Bundle Includes

Bundle Price


SDS2000X Plus


SPL2016, SDS2000XP-16LA, SDS2000XP-FG, SDS2000XP-FlexRay/1553B/CANFD/I2S/SENT/Manch





SPL2016, SDS2000HD-16LA, SDS2000HD-FG, SDS2000HD-I2S/1553B/FlexRay/CANFD/SENT/Manch





SPL2016, SAG1021I, SDS-5000X-16LA, SDS-5000X-FG





SPL2016, SAG1021I, SDS6000PRO-16LA, SDS6000PRO-FG



Reduced price and free analysis options with new 1000X-E series oscilloscope

All SDS1000X-E models will be up to 10% off until 6/30/24. New sale prices are reflected in the table below.

Customers who buy a new SDS1000X-E 4 channel model (SDS1104X-E or SDS1204X-E) at a reduced price in the time between 11/1/2023 to 6/30/2024 can register for a free SDS1000X-E-FG and SDS1000X-E-16LA license! With these licenses, you can purchase the SLA1016 or the SAG1021I and the accessory can be immediately used with the oscilloscope.
*NOTE: Free licenses make the oscilloscope ready for a SAG1021I waveform generator and a SLA1016 Probe but neither of those pieces is included in the promotion. Promotion only delivers the free software codes to enable the capabilities.

Register online with your instrument model, serial number, and purchase information and Siglent will email you the promotional license card.

Click Here to Register.

Offer valid until 2024-06-31

SIGLENT Spectrum Boost Promotion

Buy any new Real-Time Analyzer during the promotion time and you will get a free upgrade to 40 MHz of real-time bandwidth. With the full real-time bandwidth, your new SIGLENT Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer visualizes a wide span and captures more dynamic signals with a low minimum signal duration with 100% probability of intercept.

Register online with your instrument model, serial number, and purchase information and Siglent will email you the promotional license card.
Click Here to Register.

Offer valid until 2024-06-31


Free Analysis Option








SDS1000X-E-FG, SDS1000X-E-16LA




SDS1000X-E-FG, SDS1000X-E-16LA



Product Family

Free Bandwidth Option






SSA5000-RTA1, SSA5000-B40


SIGLENT care for your EMI pre-compliance tests

For a limited time, take advantage of SIGLENT’s EMI pre-compliance promotion.

Purchase a new SIGLENT spectrum analyzer and SRF5030T near-field probe kit to receive a free EMI option activation license!

Add EMI pre-compliance testing capability to your design and test facility at no extra cost. Avoid added costs and development delays by perform fast and reliable pre-compliance testing. SIGLENT’s advanced EMI pre-compliance solution provides the tools to ensure your new products pass full compliance tests the first time.

Offer valid until 2024-06-31

This offer applies to the SSA3000X, SSA3000X Plus, SSA3000X-R, SVA1000X, SSA5000A series Spectrum analyzers. The EMI option includes EMI Filter, Quasi-Peak Detector, and EMI test bandwidth settings. It also activates the EMI test options in SIGLENT’s EasySpectrum software.