AC/DC power supplies convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC), enabling efficient operation of electronic devices. They are crucial in providing reliable and stable power to a wide range of applications, from computers and smartphones to industrial equipment and medical devices. By utilizing transformers, rectifiers, and voltage regulators, these power supplies ensure a smooth and regulated DC output. Their versatility allows them to be used in diverse applications, supporting the seamless functioning of our connected and electrified world.

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ITECH IT7800 Series – High Power Programmable AC/DC Power Supply

ITECH IT7800 is a programmable AC/DC power supply, with power up to 15kVA, voltage ranges up to 350V L-N and 500V L-N. Users are able to increase output power up to 960kVA by configuring master-slave parallel. Intuitive LCD touch panel interface allow users to quickly become familiar with unit operation.

IT7800 series has a built-in power meter and arbitrary waveform generator which is able to simulate harmonics and other arbitrary waveform output. Users can choose single phase, three-phase, phase reversal, and multi-channel 4 output modes, with programmable output, and complete measurements.

ITECH IT7900E Series – Regenerative Grid Simulator

The IT7900E series is a programmable, four-quadrant grid simulator and power amplifier designed to test various grid-connected equipment, such as PCS, energy storage systems, microgrids, V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything), PHiL, and more. Utilizing advanced SiC technology, a single unit of the IT7900E can perform anti-islanding protection tests through its islanding mode with adjustable RLC settings. The series boasts high power density, delivering 6kVA in a 1U unit and 15kVA in a 3U unit. Through parallel connection, its power capacity can be expanded up to 960kVA.

The IT7900E series offers a variety of operating modes to meet diverse testing requirements, including single-phase, three-phase, reverse-phase, and multi-channel configurations. In reverse mode, the voltage can be extended to 200% of the rated voltage. Its robust arbitrary waveform editing function allows for the simulation of various power grid disturbance waveforms, making it an ideal choice for testing and R&D laboratories.

ITECH IT7900EP Series – High Performance Regenerative Grid Simulator

With the adoption of advanced SiC technology, the IT7900EP series high-performance regenerative grid simulator offers a comprehensive test solution. This versatile device functions not only as a grid simulator and four-quadrant power amplifier but also as a four-quadrant regenerative AC/DC electronic load. Its full four-quadrant operation and regenerative capability enable power feedback to the grid, promoting environmental sustainability and significantly reducing electricity and heat dissipation costs.

Designed with a compact, modular, and efficient structure, the IT7900EP delivers up to 21kVA in a 3U single unit, and its power can be extended to 1MVA through master-slave parallel connection. The colorful touch screen with an intuitive GUI allows users to directly define various waveforms. The simulator supports a wide range of operational modes, accommodating single-phase, three-phase, and reverse-phase testing requirements. This high flexibility makes it suitable for applications in PV, ESS, and EV industries.

ITECH IT7900P Series – High Performance Regenerative Grid Simulator

The IT7900P series high-performance regenerative grid simulator provides an all-in-one test solution that can be used not only as a grid simulator and four-quadrant power amplifier, but also as a four-quadrant regenerative AC/DC electronic load. The full four-quadrant operation, regenerative ability can feedback power to the grid, meet the needs of environmental protection, but also saves a lot of electricity and heat dissipation costs. Compact, modular and efficient structure design allows the IT7900P up to 15kVA in 3U single unit, and its power can be extended to 960kVA after master-slave parallel connection. Colorful touch screen with intuitive GUI allows IT7900P to directly define different waveforms. The rich operation modes can meet the test requirement of single-phase, three-phase, inverse-phase and multi-channel. It provides high flexibility for testing and can be widely used in many fields such as PV, ESS and EV.