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Siglent SSU5000A Mechanical Switch

  • Maximum frequency: 18 GHz / 26.5 GHz / 50 GHz
  • Configurations: 1 to 4 SPDT switches or 1 to 2 SP6T switch configurations
  • SCPI Controllable via VISA and EasySSU software
  • USB Connectivity
  • Size: W×H×D=153×62.4×137.5mm
  • RF connector: SMA female or 2.4mm female

Siglent SSU5000A Switch Matrix

  • Maximum Frequency Options: 9 GHz / 26.5 GHz
  • Maximum Number of Input Ports: 4
  • Maximum Number of Output Ports: 24
  • RF Connector: 3.5mm female
  • Supports a simplified multi-port calibration algorithm
  • Interface Options: LAN, USB Device, Direct Control (in), Direct Control (out)

GE / ITI 95 Series – LED Lighted Control Switches

The series 95 Instrument and Control Switches are heavy duty rotary switches that satisfy the most demanding requirements of Industrial Control and Power Applications.

GE / ITI FT Series – Test Switches

The FT Switches and FT Test Plugs have all the features necessary for applications involving the measurement of individual currents and voltages to facilitate testing of substation instrumentation and protection devices from the front of the panel. The make before-break current short circuit feature allows test personnel the convenience of isolating equipment from current transformer circuits.

GE / ITI RT Series – Rack Mount Test Switches

RT switch assemblies for rack and switchboard mounting permit convenient isolation of switchboard relays, meters and instruments. RT racks allow quick and easy multi-circuit testing by conventional test methods.

GE / ITI SB-1 Series – Control & Transfer Switches

Type SB-1 Switches are rotary, cam-operated devices for the control of electrically operated circuit breakers, small motors, magnetic switches and similar devices.

GE / ITI SB-10 Series – Control & Transfer Switches

The SB-10 switch provides two electrically separate and mechanically independent switches in one device. It utilizes both lateral and rotary contacts all constructed on the same switch.

GE / ITI SB-9 Series – Master Control Switches

The SB-9 master control switches are recommended for applications requiring a large number of repetitive operations with positive positioning on each operation.

GE / ITI SBM Series – Control & Transfer Switches

The SBM switch is a rotary cam-operated device for panel mounting and for applications where space is at a premium.

Veris Hawkeye H300 – Current Switch

  • Hawkeye 0.15 to 60 A Fixed Trip Point Current Switch
  • Split-Core