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Rigol DP700 Series – Entry Level Linear DC Power Supplies

  • 1 Channel
  • 150 W models in 50 V / 3 A or 30 V / 5 A configurations
  • Low ripple and noise: <500 μVrms/3 mVpp; <2 mArms

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Preen ADC Series – DC Power Supplies

  • O/P Power: 2-64kW
  • O/P Voltage: 0-600V, max output voltage is 30V-600V
  • High power density: 2kW and 4kW models are 2U, and 8kW model is only 4U
  • Three 19-inch cabinet available (18U、32U、42U)

Preen ADG Series – DC Power Supplies

  • Wide output voltage range: with maximum voltage up to 2000V, ideal for renewable energy, smart grid, and Electric Vehicle (EV) related applications
  • High Efficiency and Power Factor: up to 90% efficiency and power factor
  • High Output Power: up to 100 kW in one chassis with high power density
  • Fast Transient Response Time: <4~12ms

Preen ADS Series – DC Power Supplies

  • Output voltage of 28V ± 10% or 270V ± 10% for aerospace or military usage
  • Output current ranges from 50A to 1500A with maximum overload to 4500A
  • Capable of sustaining abusive loads with inrush current and reverse current, such as from aircraft engines or generators

DEIF Power Supply

Power supplies are high quality, compact and have a reliable switch mode. Available for single-phase or three-phase in a wide range of models. All models are designed for easy click mounting on DIN rail and give full power in a wide ambient temperature range.