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GE / ITI PTM-0 Series – Indoor/Outdoor Voltage Transformers

  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Insulation Level: 600 Volts, BIL 10 kV
  • Primary Voltage: 120-600 V
  • Thermal Rating: 200 VA at 30C

GE / ITI RT Series – Rack Mount Test Switches

RT switch assemblies for rack and switchboard mounting permit convenient isolation of switchboard relays, meters and instruments. RT racks allow quick and easy multi-circuit testing by conventional test methods.

GE / ITI SB-1 Series – Control & Transfer Switches

Type SB-1 Switches are rotary, cam-operated devices for the control of electrically operated circuit breakers, small motors, magnetic switches and similar devices.

GE / ITI SB-10 Series – Control & Transfer Switches

The SB-10 switch provides two electrically separate and mechanically independent switches in one device. It utilizes both lateral and rotary contacts all constructed on the same switch.

GE / ITI SB-9 Series – Master Control Switches

The SB-9 master control switches are recommended for applications requiring a large number of repetitive operations with positive positioning on each operation.

GE / ITI SBM Series – Control & Transfer Switches

The SBM switch is a rotary cam-operated device for panel mounting and for applications where space is at a premium.