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Yokogawa Releases the AQ6380 Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation announces that it has developed the AQ6380 optical spectrum analyzer and will release it on August 31. The new model is designed for researchers and developers who undertake optical spectrum measurements with high wavelength resolution and a wide dynamic range in optical communication wavelength bands between 1200 nanometer (nm) and 1650 nm. The AQ6380 benchtop analyzer uses dispersion spectroscopy and is the first instrument of its type in the industry to achieve a wavelength resolution of 5 picometers (pm).

An optical spectrum analyzer is a measuring instrument that analyzes the optical wavelength components of optical devices such as semiconductor lasers and fiber lasers in order to evaluate wavelength characteristics. The AQ6380 will contribute to the research and development of devices and systems to meet the growing demand for high-capacity, high-speed optical communication networks.

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