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Analog Percent Timers

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Percentage Timers are available in several models, single circuit repeat cycle or a continuous cycling control where the ON or circuit closure time is dial adjusted for a percentage of the total time cycle. Progress is saved when power is removed, and will resume timing when power is reapplied. Relays change state when the cycle reaches the set point or when the cycle ends. Ideal for irrigation applications and fluid control

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An electromechanical percentage timer uses a fixed time cycle. The percentage of time during which the external load will be energized is dial selectable by the user as a percentage time on/percentage time off. This type of repeat cycle timer is exemplified by the percentage timer: a motor cam closes a switch for a selected percentage of the time cycle. As the progress pointer passes zero, the load switch will activate (the timer will continue to operate as long as power is supplied to it. The ‘on’ percentage of the percentage timer is adjustable from 5% to 100% of the total time range.
  • Percent Timers
III HQ4 Series – Analog Percentage Timers
Eagle-Signal HQ4 Series, Analog Percentage Timers

HQ4 Series- Adjustable timing as a percentage of overall cycle

The HQ4 series 48 percentage timer is an accurate, economical, enclosed percentage timer designed for use in applications where a repetitive ON time of a fixed cycle needs to be variable.

III HQ9 Series – Analog Percentage Timers
Eagle-Signal HQ9 Series, Analog Percentage Timers

HQ9 Series- Adjustable timing as a percentage of overall cycle

The HQ9 offers accurate, efficient control for many industrial applications. These include motion control, electric heaters, ovens, program temperature controls, chemical feeding, and lubrication systems