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Eagle Signal has been the leading supplier of timer solutions for a range of industrial applications all over the world. They pride themselves on the flexibility and maneuverability with which they constantly innovate and adapt their products to meet the needs of an ever evolving market. As the world’s technology grows and changes, so does Eagle Signal Controls. As a result, they are always on the cutting edge of innovation.

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Eagle Signal Controls

Manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical products, including preset, elapsed time indicators (also known as time totalizers or hour meters), reset timers, repeat cycle timers, sequencers and related accessories for rugged and reliable production or run time monitoring of industrial manufacturing

  • Eagle Signal Controls Digital Timers and Controls
Eagle Signal Controls [Products]
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  1. Time Totalizers/ Elapsed Time Meters
  2. Reset Timer
  3. Programmable Timers
  4. Single Function Timers
  5. Count Totalizers
  6. Position Indicators
  7. Preset Counters
  8. Rate Meters
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Eagle Signal Controls
Eagle Signal Controls is a leading supplier of timer solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. Eagle Signal Controls manufactures electronic and electromechanical products, including preset, elapsed time indicators (also known as time totalizers or hour meters), reset timers, repeat cycle timers, sequencers and related accessories for rugged and reliable production or run-time monitoring of industrial manufacturing.
  • Totalizer | Elapsed Time Meters
  • Reset Timers
  • Programmable
  • Percent Timers
III Model C628 – Digital Display Timers & ETMs
Eagle Model C346 Digital Counter

C628 Series [1/8DIN] , Digital Timers and Elapsed Time Meters

The C628 Elapsed Timer has a definable set value at which an output will activate. The unit can be programmed to operate in a cumulative or single input function mode. Measures time in: in seconds, minutes, hours, minutes & seconds, or hours & minutes, counting up or down.

III Model A103 – Digital Time Totalizers & ETMs
Eagle Model A103 Counters, Totalizers and Rate Meters

A103 Series [72 x 36 mm] Digital Time Totalizers and Elapsed Time Meters

Field programmable c/w Up or Down timing and Interval or ON-delay operation. The A103 series also includes matching indicators for count-totalizing, timing, and rate metering, as well as preset-counters and Elapsed Time Meter models with a preset output for control

III HK Series- Analog Time Totalizers (Electro-mechanical )
Eagle-Signal HK Series, Electro-Mechanical timers

HK Series, Analog , Electro-mechanical Time Totalizers

Totalizes running time of electrically operated equipment. Synchronous motor-driven models display hours, minutes, or seconds (Six digit-wheels)

III HP5 Series- CYCL-FLEX® Reset Timer
Eagle Signal Controls Electro-mechanical Reset Timers

HP5 CYCL-FLEX® Reset Timer

The HP5 CYCL-FLEX® series timer is a high quality, synchronous motor driven reset timer housed in the standard CYCL-FLEX® plug-in housing.

III 191 Series- AB4 MANUFLEX Analog Reset Time Meters (Electro-mechanical)
Eagle-Signal 191 Series, Electro-mechanical Reset Timers

191 Series- AB4 MANUFLEX Digital Reset Time Meters

The Model 191 is a push-button start, motor-driven timer with cycle progress pointer, double make-double break snap action switch and is used to energize a load for a preset time period.

III Model C628 – Digital Reset Time Meters (Reset Timers)
Eagle Model C628 Digital Reset Counter

C628 [1/8DIN] Digital Reset Timers

1/8 DIN timers with large LED display that changes color based on process status such as exceeding the count preset, thus providing an instant visual response to an alarm situation

III Model B506 – Digital LED Time Meters
Eagle-Signal B506 Series, Electronic, Digital Timers

B506 [1/16DIN] Digital Repeat Cycle, Standard Cycle and Performance Timers

Simple to set up and operate, the B506 utilizes an intuitive button-per=digit method for setpoint input and easy-to-follow scroll-through menus for programming. IP65 rated front panel and a high degree of noise immunity

III Model B856 – Multi-Function Electronic Timers
Eagle-Signal B856 series, Digital Timers

B856 Series[1/16DIN] – Multi-Function LCD Programmable Time Meters

Easily programmable Digital Timers that perform any standard timing operation: On-Delay/Standard Start, Off-Delay/Reverse Start, Interval/One-Shot, Symmetrical Repeat Cycle, Delay-Interval

III SX400 Series – Dual Output & Dual Setpoint Timers
Eagle-Signal SX4 Series, Digital Timers

SX400 Series- Dual Output series and Dual Setpoint Series Digital Timers

The SX460 is a dual output timer with two independently programmable, timing interval setpoints.

III Model B866 – [1/16DIN] Multi-Function – Analog Timers
Eagle-Signal B866 Series, Multi-function Analog Timers

B866 Series- Multi-Function Analog Time Meters

Low cost timing solution. Simple operation by turning a dial. Selectable time ranges provide preset times ranging from 0.06 seconds to 10 hours. Configurable to operate in On-Delay, Off-Delay, Interval, or Repeat Cycle timing modes.

III CX200/CX300 Series – Digital Cycl-Flex® Timer
Eagle-Signal B866 Series, Multi-function Analog Timers

CX200 | CX300 Series- Multi-Function Programmable Cycle Time Encased Meters

Time or count operation, time range, and standard or reverse start operation. Time or count setpoint and progress is displayed on the front of the unit by a 4 1/2 digit liquid crystal display with .5 inch digits

III HQ4 Series – Analog Percentage Timers
Eagle-Signal HQ4 Series, Analog Percentage Timers

HQ4 Series – Adjustable timing as a percentage of overall cycle

The HQ4 series 48 percentage timer is an accurate, economical, enclosed percentage timer designed for use in applications where a repetitive ON time of a fixed cycle needs to be variable.

III HQ9 Series – Analog Percentage Timers
Eagle-Signal HQ9 Series, Analog Percentage Timers

HQ9 Series- Adjustable timing as a percentage of overall cycle

The HQ9 offers accurate, efficient control for many industrial applications. These include motion control, electric heaters, ovens, program temperature controls, chemical feeding, and lubrication systems

Eagle Signal Controls
A preset/predetermining counter accumulates pulses that produce an output signal when its programmed pulse count is met. They are essentially totalizers that can control an external circuit when it’s counted total matches a preset limit. While one or two presets are typical, DICG offers models with up to 16 presets.
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Electronic preset/predetermining counters require an input signal via a voltage source, impulsed through switch or relay contacts, a proximity switch, photoelectric sensor, or encoder. Electromechanical/electrical totalizers and predetermining counters can be installed at locations that are remote from the origin of the count signal. The input signal is a voltage source, impulsed through switch or relay contacts, a proximity switch, or photoelectric sensor
  • Preset Counters
  • Tach (Rate) and Position Counters
III Max Counters- Count 6 and 6S Preset Series, Advanced Controllers
Eagle-Signal Max Series, 6 and 6S Advanced Preset Counters

MAX Series,16 Preset Counter

MAX Count 6 Advanced & MAX Count 6S Advanced are powerful sixteen preset (Sequential) Counter with a presettable Batch Counter and a Background Totalizer.

III SX Series – Preset Counter
Eagle-Signal SX Series, Digital Preset Counters

SX Series Preset Counter

The SX300 Counter is designed for a single direction count input from a solid state sensor or switch. The DC input versions will count up to 2500 counts per second. The AC input version will count up to 2500 counts per minute.

III Max Tach Series- Advanced Controllers
Eagle-Signal MAX Tach series, Tachometer Controllers

Max Tach Advanced Controllers

MAX Tach Advanced is a Powerful RATE and DRAW Indicator with programmable alarms. MAX Tach Advanced features guided programming using English prompts and annunciators for easy setup and operation.

III MAX Position Series – Advanced Controllers
Eagle-Signal MAX Position Series, Position advanced controllers

Max Position Advanced Controllers

MAX Position Advanced is a programmable position indicator and preset counter with a reference input and setpoint, four position presets and eight complimentary outputs.