Applied Technical Systems

Clocks, Timer, Counters and Large Displays

ATS as been producing quality time products since 1987. These products are found in major schools, stadiums, parks, and specialized production applications.
ATS Counters, Timers, Clocks and Large Displays

AE Series, Large Displays Clocks and Timers

  • Models include four or six digit clocks, timers, counters, process indicators, RS232 displays, and production monitors. Also available are: two, three, five and 6 digit models

CC Series, Large Displays Clocks

  • The CC Series System Clocks provide an economical solution for any size clock system. They are easily corrected by master clock systems. In addition, all CC Series System Clocks can receive serial data input from computers or other controllers. Up to 50 clocks can be connected to a standard RS232 Port at distances of up to 2000 feet away. Signal drivers are available for adding additional clocks and greater distances.

STD Series, Digital Elapsed Time Meters

  • Housed in a space-saving case suitable for front-panel mounting, the STD Series are available in reset and non reset versions. Both measure the running time of electrically-operated equipment.