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IIII [+] Power Meters

Power analyzers accurately measure electrical power characteristics of devices that generate, transform, or consume electricity. Power analyzers, also called power meters or wattmeters, provide precise measurements of true power (watts), power factor, harmonics and efficiency in inverters, motor drives, lighting, home appliances, office equipment, power supplies, and industrial machinery.

With advances in energy efficiency and standby power, there is an increasing demand for accurate and reliable power measurements. Highly stable and reliable power analyzers enable engineers to minimize energy loss due to distorted, transient waveforms in power electronics such as inverters, motors, lighting circuits, and power supplies. Yokogawa, the world’s leading manufacturer of electrical power analyzers, provides a broad selection to satisfy all requirements.

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III WT5000 Series Precision Power Analyzers
Yokogawa WT5000 High Precision Power Analyzer Series

WT5000 Precision Power Analyzers

Guaranteed accuracies of ±0.03% (basic accuracy) including harmonic measurements. 7 element modular design with additional inputs for up to 4 motors or auxiliary signals.

WT5000 Video— See WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer Video!

III WT3000E Series Precision Power Analyzers
Yokogawa WT3000E, High Precision Power Analyzer Series

WT3000E Precision Power Analyzers – Basic power accuracy of ±0.01% rdg, DC and 0.1 Hz-1 MHz bandwidth

With 0.01% accuracy and 1MHz bandwidth, the WT3000 delivers where the highest precision measurements are required. Designed for R&D work on inverters, motor drives, lighting systems and electronic ballasts, UPS systems, aircraft power, transformer testing, and other power conversion devices.on

III WT1800E Series High Performance Power Analyzer
Yokogawa WT1800, High Performance Power Analyzer Series

WT1800E High Performance Power Analyzers – Basic power accuracy of ±0.05% rdg

The WT1800E guarantees a power accuracy of 0.05% of reading plus 0.05% of range and is capable of harmonics analysis up to the 500th order of a 50/60 Hz fundamental frequency. With up to 6 input channels, a wide range of display / analysis features, and PC connectivity, the WT1800E is the measurement solution for a broad range of power efficiency and harmonic analysis applications.

III WT500 Series Power Analyzers
Yokogawa WT500 Power Analyzer Series

Mid-Range Power Analyzers

The mid-range WT500 is compact and easy to use. Its color TFT displays numeric and waveform measurements. It is offered with one to three input elements, with a basic power accuracy of 0.1% and 100 kHz bandwidth.

III WT300E Series – Compact Power Meter
Yokogawa WT300E Power Analyzer Series

WT310E, WT310EH, WT332E, WT333E & WT310EH Compact Power Meters

Extremely low current measurement to 50 micro-amps. Maximum up to 26 Amps RMS. Fast display update rate of 100ms. Basic accuracy for all input ranges is 0.1% rdg + 0.05% rng (50/60Hz) and DC 0.1% rdg + 0.2% rng. U/I/P/Freq/Integ(+/-)/Harmonics components/ THD with max. 100ms cycle.

III CW10 Series Clamp-on Power Meters
Yokogawa CW10 Clamp-on Power Meter

CW10 Series Clamp-on Power Meter

The CW10 is more like a tester rather than a recorder which can measure single phase AC and DC Power, Voltage, Currents, Power Factor, Frequency, Harmonics. It can be used to maintain not only consuming equipment but also renewable energy equipment (such as solar and wind power generation).

III CW240 Series Clamp-on Power Meters
Yokogawa CW240 clamp-on meters

CW240 Series Clamp-on Power Meter —DISCONTINUED—

The CW240 is a portable three-phase power analyzer for field testing, maintenance, and service of equipment such as transformers, motors, and electrical distribution systems. It is a complete tool for measuring power quality, enhancing energy efficiency, assessing and improving equipment life cycles.

III PX8000 Series – Precision ScopeCorder
Yokogawa PX8000 Power Scope

PX8000 Series, Precision Power Scope [High Spreed]

The PX8000 brings transient analysis and high time-based accuracy to electrical power measurements. Its combination of accurate power measurements over precise time intervals is vital for analyzing energy loss and efficiency in high speed switching devices.

III CW500 Power Quality Analyzer
Yokogawa cw500 power quality meters

CW500 Power Quality Analyzer

The Yokogawa CW500 is a full-function power quality analyzer with features that include power measuring and logging (one-phase two-wire to three-phase four-wire), power quality measuring (voltage swell, voltage dip, voltage interruption, transient overvoltage, inrush current, harmonics, and flickers), user support (start guide function and automatic detection of current clamp probe), and data analysis and report generation (single-click creation of graphs and reports of measured data).