270 Series {IP66, NEMA 4X} TougthMeter Series

2 ½" – 3 ½ " Meters Designed for Harsh Environments
Reliable Tautband or pivot & Jewell movement
(±2% basic accuracy)
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  • Yokogawa 270 series Tough Meters -Analog panel meters
    (Pivot and Jewel or Taut Band models available)
  • Accuracy: ±2% DC, ± 3% AC – rectifier type (60 Hz sine wave)
  • Tracking: ± 1 1/2% DC; ± 2% AC ; vertical mounting
  • Repeatability: ± 2% DC and AC rectifier type
  • Pivot and Jewel or Taut band suspension available
  • Frequency Meters Available


  • Special applications, able to absorb high vibration
  • ideal for use on ship decks and like applications
  • Ideal for adverse (dusty) environments or severe applications, meets UL-1437 or IEC 144 or IP66
  • Ideal for OEM and Retrofit applications, replaces Triplett HR Series


The 270 series (Tough Meter), analog panel meters are designed to operate in harsh environments. The 2 1/2" and 3 1/2" size meters have gasket sealed bezels, terminals and zero regulators to ensure dust and moisture protection. The meter mechanisms have a long history of lasting durability and performance within specifications. Either pivot & jewel or taut-band suspension is available. This IP66 (NEMA 4X) rated meter is completely protected against dust ingress and protected against temporary flooding of water, e.g. for use on ship decks, corrosion-limited ingress permitted.

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  • Specifications
Model: Yokogawa 270 ToughMeter Series- 2 1/2", 3 1/2" sizes
Scaling: Customized to any scaling desired, from linear to specialized Cos Ø, square root distributions, with color applications for visual emphasis and to any desired engineering units.
Specific Accuracies
Basic Accuracy: ±2.0% of full scale basic accuracy class. **±1% or better upon request
Rectifier Type Meters: ±3% of full scale basic accuracy class. **±1.5% or better upon request
Expanded Scale Voltmeters: ±0.5% of full scale
Frequency Meters: ± .15Hz @45-55Hz and 55-65Hz, ±0.093Hz @ 58-62Hz, ±1.5Hz @350-450Hz
Zero Suppressed Meters: Errors at 20% suppression = ±3% of end-scale ***±2% or better upon request
Higher Accuracy: **1% of Full scale or better
Vibration (SIN) 3 Gs (10-80 Hz)
Vibration (Random) Pivot & Jewell (AC & DC) Taut Band (AC & DC)
  (10-10000 Hz | 5GS RMS) (10-10000 Hz | 3GS RMS)
Shock 50 Gs 10 shocks per axis (30 total)
General specifications
Position of use: Vertical (scale) standard or to specified angle or position
Full scale deflection angle: 90 °
Full scale length: 21⁄2” 2.06”
31⁄2” 2.88”
Movement: Taut Band
The absence of friction permits greater sensitivities, this rugged Yokogawa band is ideal for applications that require quick response, repeatability or experience vibration.
There are no moving parts, common failures of conventional pivot and jewel meters such as cracked jewels and/or blunt pivots are no longer a problem.
Pivot and Jewel or Taut Band
In this design the coil and pointer are supported by polished steel pivots at each end which fit into jewel bearings. Pivot and jewel meters are recommended for high vibration environments. The mechanism’s inherent stability and strength provide accuracy, repeatability and performance are almost equal to the taut-band mechanism. However, hardened jewels and pivot points eventually wear out, causing repeatability and friction problems towards the end of the meter’s life.
Case: Black metal can
Cover: Gasketed cover to prevent contaminant ingress,
Metal cover and glass window.
Insulation Level: 2600 Vrms Hi-pot
Overload rating: 120% continuously
Burden Data: AC Ammeter 5 amps @ 60 Hz, 0.5VA, Max. .5 Power factor lagging, AC voltmeter – unity power factor.
Severe-duty meters: Conform to CSA or UL 1437
IP66 , NEMA 4X
Response time: 2 seconds (Max.)
Maximum 10% overshoot
Operating Temp.: -45°C to 70°C (-49 to 158°F)
Extreme temperature range:

-45°C to 70°C (-49 to 158°F)