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IIII [+] Panel and Switchboard Meters
Yokogawa has the broadest line of panel meters available today. In many cases, panel meters are completely interchangeable with other manufacturers’ products because of unique mounting options. UL component recognized and IEC IP54 splash-resistant models are also available. Yokogawa provides fast delivery and at competitive prices and modified to your specific requirements (such as scaling and input).
All Yokogawa AB/DB 40 & AB/DB16 Switchboard meters are UL recognized and are typically accurate to within ±1% of full scale or better if required. Larger AB/DB 16 switchboards ( 83⁄4″ ) can be easily read from 30 feet away and are equipped with a taut-band suspension.
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Analog Panel and Switchboard Meters
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yokogawa Electro-Meters
III 250 Series – Big Look Analog Panel Meters
Yokogawa 250 Analog Panel Meter Series

"Big Look" [250 Series] Analog Panel Meters

These analog panel meters feature extra-wide scales, big bold numerals above the scale and divisions for unobstructed reading. Tapered needle-sharp pointers and shadow-free acrylic covers help to pinpoint values. Available in taut-band and pivot and jewel types. Gasket sealer gives this panel meter a dust and moisture resistant design. (Except 1 1/2")

III 251 Series -"Horizon Line"Analog Panel Meters
Yokogawa 251 Analog Panel Meter Series

"Horizon Line" [251 Series] Analog Panel Meters

These analog panel meters feature extra-wide scales, big bold numerals above the scale and divisions for unobstructed reading. Tapered needle-sharp pointers and shadow-free acrylic covers help to pinpoint values. Available in taut band and pivot and jewel types. Gasket sealer gives this panel meter a dust and moisture resistant design. (Except 1 1/2")

III 260 Series – "Stylist" Analog Panel Meters
Yokogawa 260 Analog Panel Meter Series

"Stylist Series" [260 Series] Analog Panel Meters

Stylist analog panel meters are available in Window-mount or Surface-mount styles. Optional bezels for Surface-mount permit rear panel mounting. Standard movement torque-to-weight ratio is approximately 4 times greater than most other manufacturers’ high torque versions.
Note: Severe-duty panel meters are available to meet /CUL or /UL 1437 requirements in 2 1/2"-4 1/2" sizes. To order, add /UL or /CUL after catalog number.

III 270 Series – Ruggedized Sealed Panel Meters
Yokogawa 270 Analog Panel Meter Series

"Tough Meters" [270 Series] Sealed Analog Panel Meters

The Tough (Ruggedized) analog panel meter series is designed to operate in harsh environments. The 2 1/2" and 3 1/2" size meters have gasket-sealed bezels, terminals and zero regulators to ensure dust and moisture protection. The meter mechanisms have a long history of lasting durability and performance within specifications. Either pivot & jewel or taut-band suspension is available.

III 240 Series – Elapsed Time Meters
Yokogawa 240 Analog Panel Meter Series

240 Series Elapsed time Meters

Yokogawa 240 series of proven elapsed time meters with large six-digit counters record hours, tenths of hours, minutes and tenths of minutes. Reset or non-reset models are available. Timers will match the frequency of AC power systems

III Y Series – Elapsed Time Meters
Yokogawa Y Series Analog Panel Meter Series

Y Series Elapsed time Meters

The Y Series (hour meters) are non-resettable Elapsed time meters designed to monitor operating time, warranty periods and maintenance intervals on electrically driven machines and devices

yoko Electro-Meters
III 103 Series, 4 1/2" Switchboard Series
Yokogawa 103 [AB40-DB40] Analog Switchboard Meter Series

103 Series – {AB40 & DB40} 4 1/2"Analog Switchboard Meters [GE:[AB40 & DB40]]

Yokogawa is a world leader in switchboard meters. As a global manufacturer of meter products for over 75 years, we are able to incorporate decades of experience into the design and development of the AB40 switchboard meter (illumination available)

III 103 Series, 4 1/2" Elapsed time Switchboard
Yokogawa WT333 Power Analyzer Series

103-Series, 4 1/2"Analog Elapsed Time Meters

The 103 switchboard elapsed time meters contains time-proven 240 elapsed time meter in a 4.33" square weather-resistant case. It is designed for use with other switchboard instruments on electrical switch gear and control panels. It is UL/CSA recognized.

III 2180 Series, 3 1/2" Mini Switchboard Series
Yokogawa 218 Mini-Switchboard Meter Series

2180 Series – 3 1/2" Mini-Switchboard Meters

Yokogawa Mini-Switchboard meters combine the same accuracy and repeatability as our larger 103 series in a case 1/2 the size. They are fully insulated, and are housed in a space-efficient case that make the most of behind-panel space.

III 123 Series, 4 1/2″ 20Dual-Vue Switchboard Series
Yokogawa 123, Dual-Vue, Analog-Digital Switchboard Meter Series

123 Series – 4 1/2" Dual-Vue, Analog-Digital Switchboard Meters

Dual-Vue switchboard meters are combination Digital/Analog indicating instruments. They can be configured to accept ACV, ACA, DCV, or DCA input. Both the digital and analog displays can be modified to represent virtually any scaling or engineering units as required.

III 101 Series Electro-Mechanical Elapsed Time
Yokogawa 101 [AB14-DB146] Analog Switchboard Meter Series

101 Series {AB-14 & DB-14} 4 1/2"Analog Switchboard Meters [GE:[AB-14 & DB-14]]

The AB/DB 14 Illuminated Switchboard meters conform to military specifications, namely MIL-S-901 and MIL-M-16034. Its primary application is for high shock conditions such as shipboard control panels.

III 102 Series [GE:[AB-17 & DB-17]] Meters
Yokogawa 101 [AB17-DB17]Analog Switchboard Meter Series

102 Series {AB-17 & DB-17} Railroad specifications

The 102 series (AB17 and DB17) are internally illuminated meters used primarily in high vibration applications such as railway locomotives, off-road applications

III 121 Series, 8 1/2″ [GE:[AB-16 & DB-16]] Meters
Yokogawa 121 [AB16-DB16] Analog Switchboard Meter Series

121 Series Switchboard Meters

8 ½ ” Switchboard meters, Well gasketed with metal can shield (Rugged, High accuracy meter, 250° Deflection)

III 185 Series, 2 1/2" Edgewise Panel Meters
Yokogawa 185 edgewise panel Meter Series

185 Edgewise Series Analog Panel Meters

The 185 Edgewise analog panel meter features a completely shielded case. They are dust-tight, & stack mounting these panel meters is possible with all sides of the meter case flush. Optional bezel and mounting bracket for 1 or 3 unit stack. Zero regulator provided in rear of case. Accuracy on DC meters ± 2% of full scale. AC rectifier type ± 3% (60 Hertz sine wave at 25°C).

III 280 Series, 2 1/2" Extra Thin Edgewise Meters
Yokogawa 280 edgewise panel Meter Series

Series 280 Thin Edgewise Analog Panel Meters

Yokogawa’s answer to the squeeze for space problem. The thin element design of this panel meter provides the maximum performance in the smallest of spaces. Available in 1 1/2" to 3 1/2" sizes for vertical or horizontal mounting.

III 180 Series, 4 1/2" Switchboard Edgewise Meters
Yokogawa 180 edgewise Switchboard Meter Series

Series 180 Thin Edgewise Analog Panel Meters (discontinued)

These meters are designed for applications that require reliable, rugged instruments with high resolution readings and accuracy. They are shielded to prevent interference. An optimum scale display area allows for the use of large, easy to read numerals and divisions.

III MLA and MDL Series – Explosion Proof Meters
Yokogawa MLA and MLD, Explosion Proof  Meters in Nema4x enclosure

MLA and MLD Series Explosion Proof Meters

The Model MLA and MLD field mounted indicators receive DC voltage or current signals by electronic Transmitters and indicate process measurement values. Standard models are NEMA4X and Explosion Proof.