Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Test and Measurement Instrumentation

IIII [+] Digital & Switchboard Meters

The product range includes LCD & LED displays, voltmeters, loop powered meters, thermometers, counters and Power Meters and monitors. A variety of styles are available, including panel instruments that are rated to IP54.

  • Digital Panel Meters
yokogawa Electro-Meters

Yokogawa designs and manufactures an extensive range of digital panel meters (DPM) and Switchboard meters.

  • Digital Panel Meters
  • Switchboard Meters
III 800 Plus Digital Panel Meters
Yokogawa 800 Plus digital panel meters

800 Plus Series Digital Panel Meters

The 800 Plus Universal Digital Meter and Counter provides a versatile cost effective solution to a wide variety of monitoring and control applications. Scaling and reconfiguration can be done in the field without recalibration.

III 2530 Digital Panel Meters
Yokogawa 2530 series digital panel meters

2530 Power Series Digital Panel Meters

The 2350 Power Series digital panel instruments offer a full range of power measurements in a compact 1/8 DIN case. Measurement ranges include AC and DC voltage, AC current, Watts, Vars, power factor, phase angle and frequency. All single display units are 31⁄2 digits and may be ordered with optional features such as analog outputs, including 1-5 VDC, 0-1 mADC or 4-20 mADC. Direct input voltages of up to 600 volts AC and currents as high as 10 amps AC are available and accuracy to 0.25% of full-scale. Watt, Var, power factor and phase angle units are available in single phase, three phase, three wire and three phase, four wire options.

III POWER Series Digital Switchboard Meters
Yokogawa 800 series digital switchboard meters

POWER SERIES Plus Digital Switchboard Meters

The POWER SERIES Plus meter is a programmable ASIC Power Measurement Chip (PMC) which fills the need for a high accuracy digital switchboard meter with transducer outputs that can be configured in the field. It eliminates requirements for a large inventory of dedicated instruments, and provides flexibility when new panel designs or system upgrades require changes in instrument transformer ratings.

III PR300 Multi-function Power Monitors
Yokogawa PR300 multi-function power monitors

PR300 Series Multi-function Power Monitors

Panel-mounted, 3 display, power and energy meter with a large, three-row LED display integrates all the measuring functions required for power management in substations, factories, process plants and office buildings.