Dylix Corporation ® FL Series

General Industrial Flush Mount Transmitters

Senex FL, Series Flush Mount Transmitters
  • ± 0.5% FSO Static Accuracy
  • NEMA 4X Packaging
  • ± 0.25% FSO /YR stability
  • ± 0.25% FSO Static Accuracy
  • Alternate Wetted Materials,
  • Hasteloy or Inconel sensors available
  • Zero/Span Controls/ Shunt Cal
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Non-Filled Flush Mount. 0-100 psi through 0-7,500 psi

Designed for the highest system integrity. Dylix’s FL Series Pressure Transmitter is designed for the OEM and end user where ruggedness, high performance, and reliability are required at a competitive price. Key feature of the FL is its non oil –filled sensing element. The sensing diaphragm is machined from a solid piece of steel, and can withstand the most abrasive/cyclical applications.

Manufactured for extended life cycle Dylix’s engineers developed this product to last in high cyclical environments with or without the presence of waterhammering or spiking. Advanced manufacturing techniques, extreme environmental burn-in and thorough residual stress relieving procedures ensure the FL Series maintains its performance over time.

Designed to meet IS standards The FL Series is designed to meet or exceed the standards for IS.

General Specifications :
ExcitationFL1FL2 & FL3
2-15 Vdc8-38 Vdc
1-2 mV/V*0-5 Vdc*4-20 mAdc
Zero Balance :
±1% FSO
FSO Setting :
±1% FSO
Infinite (±0.001% FSO usable)
Insulation Resistance:
1000 MO @ 50 Vdc
Reverse Polarity:
Power Supply Effect:
±0.002% FSO per V input (FL2 & FL3)
Internal Filtering (FL2 & FL3)
Short Circuit :
Protected Up to 40 Vdc (FH2 & FH3)
Response Time:FL1FL2 & FL3
< 0.5 mS< 3 mS
Static Accuracy:
±0.5% FSO* (BFSL, RSS)(combined effects of non-linearity, hysteresis &repeatability)
± 0.1% FSO
Temperature Effects ± 1.5% FSO over comp range*(combined effects of Zero & FSO with reference at 70 °F)
Long Term Stabily:
±0.25% FSO per year
Compensated Temp Range:
0 to 170 °F
Operating Temp Range:
-40 to 200 °F
Storage Temp Range:
-40 to 250 °F
Pressure Ranges: 0-100 through 0-7,500 psi(Customer may specify any range/eng. unit FOC) (Absolute, vacuum, compound available options)
Proof Pressure:
2X Full Scale
Burst Pressure:
5X Full Scale* (15 k psi Maxi)
Materials:Wetted Parts* Non-wetted Parts:
15-5 SST
316 SST plus electrical connector
Pressure Port:
3/4-16 UNF Flush with ‘O’-Ring*
Electrical Connector :
NEMA 4X cable exit (24” cable)
nominal 10 oz
pdf_pic General Specifications