Yokogawa YPP6400

AC/DC Voltage & Current Meter

yokogawa The Yokogawa YPP6400 is a multipurpose, easy-to-use high voltage and current input meter ideal for measuring direct voltage and current or the output from voltage shunts and current transformers. It has one 0-300 VAC or VDC voltage input and one 0-5 AAC or ADC current input. The meter may be used with a single voltage or current input, or to measure both simultaneously. A math channel P calculates apparent power as the product of the voltage and current inputs. The Yokogawa YPP6400 can display voltage, current, and apparent power. The dual line display can show any two parameters simultaneously, or alternate between any parameters as well as their programmable units and tags.

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yokogawa ypp6400

Key Features:

  • Accepts one high voltage and one high current input simultaneously
  • Multiplication for apparent power calculation
  • 0-300 VAC or VDC voltage input
  • 0-5 AAC or ADC current input
  • NEMA 4X, IP65 front
  • Large dual-line 6-digit display, 0.60″ and 0.46″
  • Modbus® RTU communication protocol
  • Sunlight readable sunbright display models