DG-103 Series

Custom-Made Switchboard Meters


  • Analog output function
  • Demand measurement
  • Compatible with ANSI 4-inch round form size and DIN 96-square instrument size
  • Standard equipped with an RS-485 communication function and capable of Ethernet communication
  • UL/CE certified multi-function Power and Energy Meter
  • Universal mounting is a standard feature
  • ANSI 4 ” switchboard mounting
  • DIN96 panel mounting


Panel-mounted power and energy meter with a large, three-row LED display integrates all the measuring functions required for power management in substations, factories, process plants and office buildings. PR300 users are interested in allocation of energy costs, conservation of energy and overall electrical system reliability.

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Other benefits of using the PR300 are reduction of panel space and wiring due to multifunctional capability, and access to LAN for centralized monitoring of power useage and demand.

Digital meter specifications can be modified for specific applications.

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Literature and Technical Information
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Panel Instrumentation

++ DG-103 Series | N/A
Display: Digits: 3 ½ Digits (±1999 counts)
Type: 0.98” ( 24.9 mm) LCD 0.8” (20.3 mm) LED
Polarity: Automatic, “-” Displayed.
Decimal Points: User Specified
Overload: Three lower order digits blank for inputs >1999 & <-1999
Hold: Display Hold Function is Standard
Annunciators: PSI,°F,°C,% (user specified)
Inputs: Ranges: ±200.0mV, +/-2.000V, +/-20.00V DC, 4-20mA
Configuration: Bipolar, Differential
Protection: ±350V DC, (±100V DC on 200mV Range ) (±30 mA on 4-20mA)
Impedance: >1 MW, (>10 MW on 200mV Range)
Performance: Accuracy: ±(0.05% FS +1 counts)
Conversion Rate: 3 per Second
Normal Mode Rejection: >30 db @ 60 Hz
Common Mode Range: ±1V DC
Common Mode Rej.: >86 dB
Zero Adjustment: Automatic
Warmup: 10 Minutes Typical
Temperature Coeff.: ±100 ppm per °C Typical
Environment: Operating Range: -10 to 50 °C
Storage Range: -40 to 75 °C
Power Supply: Voltage input units: +5V DC (180mA LED, 3mA LCD)
powered by mA control loop. Loop Burden 300 W nominal
+24V DC (40mA) Loop Burden 40 W nominal
Connection: 4 screw terminal (4-20mA)
13 pin male connection (voltage)
13 pin connector/wiring harness included