MT10 Series

Portable Digital Manometer
Yokogawa MT10

  • High reliability (with silicon resonant sensor)
  • Compact
  • Accuracy ± (0.04% of rdg + 0.03% of F.S.) (130 kPa model)
  • Data hold function
  • Includes carrying case
  • RS-232C interface
  • Three models available:
  • 130 kPa
  • 700 kPa
  • 3000 kPa


  • Model 265302: 130 kPa
  • Model 265303: 700 kPa
  • Model 265304: 3000 kPa


Compared to the conventional metal sensor, it has high reproducibility and long term stability of characteristics, thus ensuring highly stable measurement. The MT10 is small and has a mass of about 700 g.

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This makes it suitable for use at process industry sites, for diagnosing factory equipment, and for various R&D applications.

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Literature and Technical Information
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Bench Calibration

++ MT10 Series | Specifications

Power source: UM-3 (AA or R6) batteries Primary battery 1.5 V x four, or secondary battery 1.2 V x four

Continuous operation: Approx. 100 hours (when alkaline batteries are used)] AC adapter (100 to 120/220 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Output 15 V/1.33 A) (optional)

Communication: RS-232-C Transmission method: Half-duplex transmission brain protocol Transmission rate: 1200 bits/s

Display: LCD display

Display update interval: Approx. 0.5 s/update

Response time: Approx. 4 s (until the accuracy falls within the accuracy range)

Other functions: Comes with data hold function that holds indicated pressure value, and zero adjustment function.

Warmup time: 1 minute max

Insulation resistance: 500 VDC/20 MW or higher (between AC line and case) (when dedicated power kit is used)

Withstand voltage: 1500 VAC/minute (between AC line and case) (when dedicated power kit is used)

Operating temperature/humidity range: 5 to 40°C, 20 to 80% RH (No condensation allowed)

Storage temperature/humidity range: 25 to 70°C, 5 to 95% RH

External dimensions, mass: Approx. 72 (W) x 174 (H) x 60 (D) mm, (excluding input connection section) Approx. 700 g (including batteries)

Accessories: Carrying case (B9926CZ) x one UM-3 (AA or R6) batteries (A1070EB) x four Sealing tape (X9910DG) x one Wrench (H19) (B9926CW) x one Monkey wrench (150 mm) (B9926CX) x one Allen wrench (H2.5) (B9926CY) x one Instruction manual x one