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IIII [+] Optical Wavelength Meters

An Optical Wavelength Meter measures the peak wavelength(s) of an optical signal with extreme precision, often to picometer and sub-picometer accuracy.

The use of proven Michelson interferometer technology coupled with an advanced FFT algorithm allows measurement of modulated and non-modulated signals from an optical transceiver. A flexible display can measure and display single or multiple wavelengths (such as from a DWDM system) in a single operation.

Yokogawa’s Optical Wavelength Meter offers an industry first extended life internal reference laser to maximize the usage time between intrusive maintenance tasks in today’s demanding high-speed optical R&D, as well as manufacturing applications.

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Optical Wavelength Meters
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III AQ6150 Optical Wavelength Meter Series
AQ6150 Optical Wavelength Meter Series

High-Performance and cost-effective

The AQ6150 Optical Wavelength meter series is ideal for accurately measuring the optical wavelength of optical devices and systems used in telecommunication applications from 1270 to 1650 nm (including C&L Band)

• High wavelength accuracy of ±0.3pm
• Cope with modulated light and optical filter measurement
• Simultaneous measurement of up to 1024 wavelengths