AQ2200-421 Optical Switch Modules (1 x 2 / 2 x 2)

Compact optical switches, Superior switching reproducibility

Yokogawa AQ2200-421 Optical Switch Module


  • Compact: Optical switches of 1 x 2 or 2 x 2 port configuration in a one-slot size module
  • Compatible with SMF (core diameter of 10 µm) or MMF (core diameter of 62.5 µm)
  • Low insertion loss: 1.0 dB (typ.)
  • High switching reproducibility: within ±0.01 dB
  • Can be combined with various AQ2200 series modules or other Yokogawa’s optical communication measuring instruments to build
  • Versatile measuring systems


  • For measuring multiple objects, with switching of the object to be measured
  • For measuring device characteristics, etc. by switching multiple measuring instruments
  • For building a measurement system in combination with a bit error tester, etc.


The AQ2200-421 OSW module features two optical switches with low insertion loss and superior switching reproducibility, in a one-slot size module, and allows selection of 1 x 2 or 2 x 2 port configuration according to the application.Moreover, the optical fiber type can also be selected between SMF (core diameter of 10 µm) and MMF (core diameter of 62.5 µm), allowing a wide range of measuring systems to be built corresponding to the systems or devices used in optical public networks or optical LANs.

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  • Specifications
OSW Module (AQ2200-411/-412/-421)
Model AQ2200-421
Port Config.: 1×2 | 2×2 1×2 | 2×2
Number of switch: 2 2
Wavelength: 1310 nm/1550 nm 850 nm/1310 nm
Insertion Loss: 1.0 dB (typ.) 1.0 dB (typ.)
Reproducibility: ±0.01 dB or less ±0.01 dB or less
Crosstalk: -50 dBm or less -50 dBm or less
Optical Return Loss: 45 dB or more 20dB or more
Max. Input Power: –––– ––––
Polarization Dependence: 0.08 dBp-p or less ––––
Optical Fiber: SMF (ITU-T G.652) MMF (62.5/125)
(IEC 60793-2)
Optical Connector: Select any of FC/PC or SC/PC
Dimensions: 1slot wide*
*1 slot wide: 31(W)×117(H)×321.5(D)mm
**2 slot wide: . 62.5(W)×117(H)×321.5(D)mm
Weight: Approx. 0.7 kg