Yokogawa GP10/GP20 Paperless Recorder

Yokogawa GP10/GP20 recorders
Industrial processes and test laboratories require rigorous, continuous monitoring in the design, validation, and service stages of product development, product testing, and manufacturing. The GP series is Yokogawa’s latest laboratory recorder, with handle and footstands to enable portable and benchtop use.
The GP series is an industry-first multi-point touch panel, to improve intuitive and smart operator control. Users can scroll, pan, zoom historical data, and even write freehand messages on its dust-proof and water-proof display. It delivers industry leading reliability and measurement accuracy. The GP series is ideally suited for monitoring or troubleshooting long term physical or electrical trends.
Main Features of SMARTDAC + RC
  • Support for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 for the food and drug industry (option)
  • Expansion unit available to expand input channels of up to 450
  • New Custom Display function (option) lets you place graphic images on screens
  • Additional modules now available including a current input module and a DIDO module
  • Support EtherNet/IP
  • Option for easy connection with WT series power meters
  • Front panel door available in white series only
SMART Features/Interface
  • Real-time monitoring from a web browser
  • Report template function (/MT option)
  • Powerful tool for instrument performance evaluation testing (/E2 and /MC options)
  • DARWIN-compatible communication
  • Networking
  • FTP-based file transfer
  • E-mail messaging function
  • Modbus/TCP and Modbus/RTU Communications
  • Ethernet/IP function
  • Time synchronization with network time servers
  • Efficiently search for key data
  • Quickly find data using calendars and summary screens
  • Easily check off trouble spots
  • Save and output image files
  • Check waveforms of concern in detail
  • Ascertain long-duration trends at a glance
  • Zoom in/out on the the time axis
  • Create your own screens
  • DAQStudio DXA170 Custom display building software
  • Variety of display screens
  • Multi-panel display
SMART Architecture
  • Modular I/O
  • Expandable to up to 450 channesl (real actual input)
  • Reduce wiring with distributed installation
  • Wide variety of input/output modules
Reliable & Durable
  • Portable models
  • Recorded data is securely saved
  • multiple file formats depending on application
  • 21 CRF Part 11 support (/AS option)
  • SSL and digital signature security enhancements
  • CSA, CE, N200, KC standards
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