UP550 {1/4 DIN} Programmable Controllers

Dual Loop Control Capability, PID control,
(with Custom Computation)


  • Auto-Tuning
  • 0.1% Accuracy
  • Super Control (Fuzzy Logic)
  • Program capacity of 30 patterns Up to 300 segments and 400 events
  • 8 PID setpoints & 1 or 2 (cascade, dual) control loops
  • ON/OFF, 3 position, PID (Continuous and time-proportional),
    position-proportional PID and heating/cooling
  • Universal input and output
  • Standard input and output contacts
    • — 8 Contact inputs
    • — 8 Contact outputs
    • 5 built-in control functions and algorithms
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  • Display
    • Sharp and large size 5-digit LED display with 11 x 20 mm digits
    • User-friendly, full-dot LCD display capable showing program patterns
    • Program monitor lamps show lamp/level/soak status
  • Control
    • 5 standard UP control modes, including single-loop, cascade and dual-loop control
    • Easy parameter setting on a PC screen, enabling data to be transmitted through the front panel using an optical communication adapter.
  • Simple operation:
    • Easy parameter setting on a PC screen, enabling data to be transmitted through the front panel using an optical communication adapter.
  • Communications
    • Modbus
    • PC-Link & Ladder protocols and coordinated operation.
    • RS485 communications


  • Industrial Furnace Control:Temperature and Humidity control, sterilization, electrical furnaces
  • Drive control motors
  • Electronics and semiconductor manufacturing


The UP550 is a sophisticated Programmable Controller that can store up to 30 program patterns, has a powerful control capability and a user-friendly large numerical display and an LCD display for setting program patterns and parameters interactively, greatly enhancing monitoring and operating capabilities.

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The UP550 controller has five types of control strategies (control, control computation , signal computation function, etc. that can be configured via the front panel buttons), an overshoot suppressing function "SUPER" and a heating suppressing function "SUPER 2" and auto-tuning as standard control functions. These controllers are ideal for electric furnaces, heating & cooling, drive control motors, external setpoint switching etc.

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  • Specifications
  • Accessories
Model: Yokogawa UP550 Programmable controllers
PV/SP Data display: 5 digits / 5 digits with LCD display
PV inputs: 1 universal input (TCs, RTDs, mV, V)
Auxiliary Analog Input: 1 for secondary PV
Control scan period: 100, 200ms
Control loops: 1 or 2(cascade, dual)
Number of Patterns: 30
Number of Segments/ Pattern: 99
Total Number of Segments: 300
Total Number of Events: 400 maximum (sum of events for all program patterns)
Number PID Sets: 8
Control Algorithms: ON/OFF, 3 position, PID(Continuous, Time -proportional),
Heating & Cooling, Position-proportional PID
Control Computation: Continuous PID control, Time-proportional PID control, Relay ON/OFF control, Heating/Cooling control, Target setpoint , PID parameter, Auto-tuning, "SUPER" function, "SUPER2" function, Preset output function and Control cycle time
Operation Mode switching: AUTO/MANUAL, RUN (PRG)/STOP (RESET), CASCADE/Local SP switching

Proportional band, Integral time, Derivative time, ON/OFF control hysteresis, Preset output value, Output limiter, shutdown function,Rate of change limiter for output, Dead band of heating/cooling control, Dead band of position-proportional control

Control Outputs (MV) Select from 2 sets of Relays, Voltage Pulses or 4 to 20mA
Auxiliary Analog Output
(4 to 20mA)
1 point, 2 points when MV is relay output
Digital Outputs 7 or 8
Digital Inputs
Number: 7
Loop power supply
Number: 1 point
Type: 15V ( Cannot use with auxiliary analog output )
Number: 1
Type: RS-485, MODBUS, PC-Link, Ladder, Coordinated operation protocol
Front Protection: IP55
Power supply: Rated voltage 100 to 240V AC, (±10%), 50/60Hz
Power consumption: Max 20 VA
General Approvals UL, CE, CSA
Power Supply Consumption: 90 to 264 V AC, max. 20VA
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C ( 40°C or less in close mounting side-by-side)
Relative Humidity: 20 to 90% (non condensing)
Storage Temperature: -25 to 70°C
Dimensions: 96W×96H×100D (From the front panel surface) (mm)
Mounting: Direct panel mounting; mounting bracket, one each for upper and lower mounting
Weight: 1kg

PC-based Setup Parameters & Custom Computation Building Tools

For Green Series Controllers
LL100 Light loader computing

The LL100 Parameter Setting Tool is a software package that enables you to set the functional configuration parameters (setup parameters) and operation parameters of a digital indicating controller and a program controller, as well as the program patterns of a program controller, on a PC. The tool lets you the followings:

  • Setting parameters
  • Uploading, downloading and comparing the parameters in the controllers
  • Saving and reading the parameters stored on the storage media
  • Printing out parameters
  • Multi-monitoring
LL200 connection image

Parameter Setting Display

Simple configuration and parameter help text. In addition to parameter setting, the following functions can be used on this display:

  • Uploading, downloading and comparing the parameters in the controller
  • Saving and reading the parameters stored on the storage media
  • Printing out parameters

Proper management of the setting file minimizes the downtime during maintenance and inspection.

Tuning Display

Trend display of measured values (PV), setting values (SP), and control output values (OUT). Manual tuning is much more efficient when trends of the process can be easily viewed. Auto-tuning and output value setting during manual operation are also possible.

Program Pattern Display

Used to create program patterns. The graphical pattern display allows event settings to be checked at a glance.

Multi-monitoring Function for Centralized Monitoring (up to 16 loops)

  • Easy-to-see trend display- Displays the trends of measured values (PV), setting values (SP), and control output values (OUT).
  • Easy-to-understand panel view- Alarms can be checked at a glance.
  • Automatic recognition for quick connection- Can view up to 16 loops.
  • User-friendly tuning display- PID and operational settings can be changed.
  • Saving in CSV format- Saved data can be readily used in Excel, etc.
LL200 Customized computing

The software package used to create custom computation programs and custom display functions for UP550/UP550. computation program upload and download, file management, debugging and printing functions are available. The function of LL100 is also included.

LL200 connection image

The LL200 Custom Computation Building Tool is a software package that enables you to configure the customized computing functions of a UP550 digital indicating controller or a UP550 program controller on a PC. With the tool, you can configure as many as 65 computation modules, including addition/subtraction/multiplication, absolute calculation, reciprocal calculation, maximum/minimum/average calculation, data holding, rate-of-change limitation, limiter operation, integration, timer operation, counter operation, line-segment approximation, inverse line-segment approximation, curved line-segment approximation, ratio calculation, first-order lag calculation, temperature/humidity calculation, temperature correction, pressure correction, output selection, data display, switching, logical AND calculation, logical OR calculation, logical NOT calculation, exclusive OR calculation, comparison, matching, and unmatching. This tool has the same parameter setting functions as the LL100 parameter setting tool.

LL200 screen image LL200%20screen%20image
Module connection display Custom display selecting display