UD310 Manual Setting Controllers

Green Series Manual Setting Controllers (1/16 DIN)
—DISCONTINUED — Replaced by TC10


  • 4-digit LED display
  • 2 °C ±1 digit for TC — 1°C ±1 digit for RTD
  • Standard retransmission output of measured value (PV)
  • Universal input for Thermocouple, RTD and DC mV/V signals
  • PV display disappeared function, when PV display is not necessary
  • Standard two alarm outputs
  • IP65 splash-proof and dust-proof designed front panel


  • Manually control your application
  • Control output of PLCs or Process controllers
  • Control output to speed devices for pumps etc.
  • Control output to actuated devices such as valves, hydraulic or pneumatic actuator rams etc.


The UD310 (1/16 DIN size) manual setting controllers are ideal for those processes that require human interaction / attention to provide the necessary control for your application. The UD310 is the optimal choice. It provides fine control and accurate repeatability by digitally scaling the 4-20 mADC output, via the front panel keys.
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The UD310 can also be used to remotely set digital indicating controllers. The disappeared function is used to shut down the PV display when not necessary. The two alarm outputs and a PV retransmission output are provided as standard functions for controlling your process. The front panel has a splash-proof and dust-proof design (IP65), which enables the use in the dusty environment.
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Literature and Technical Information
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Panel Instrumentation

++ UD310 | General specification sheet (225 kB)
++ UD310 | Manual 001 (610 kB)
++ UD310 | Manual 002 (618 kB)
++ UD310 | Brochure (1.1 MB)
Model: Yokogawa UD310 Manually setting controllers
PV/SP Data display: 4-digit PV / 4-digit SP
PV inputs: 1 universal input (TCs, RTDs, mV, V)
Setpoints: 2
Alarms: 2
Control scan period: 500ms
Control Outputs Select from Relay, Voltage Pulse or 4 to 20mA
2 relay for motorized valve control
PV Retransmission Output: 1 point (4 to 20mA)
Input: 1 point
Input type: Universal; (Thermocouple, RTD, Voltage, Current)
Allowable input voltage: ±10V DC for thermocouple or DC mV input
±20V DC for DC V input
Maximum RTD Ω input: 10Ω/wire (The resistance values of three wires must be the same.)
Maximum Thermocouple Ω input: 250Ω for thermocouple or DC mV input
2kΩ for DC V input
Input resistance 1MΩ or greater for thermocouple or DC mV input. Approx. 1MΩ for DC V input
Manual Setting (SP) Output
Output: 1 point
Output type: Current
Output signal: 4 to 20 mA Maximum load resistance: 600 Ω
Output accuracy: ±0.3% of span
Alarm outputs: 2 (Alarm or Timer outputs)
Relay contact capacity:
1A at 240V AC or 1A at 30V DC (with resistance load)
Front Protection: IP65
Power Supply: 24VAC/DC or 90 to 264V AC (±10%), 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 8VA
General Approvals UL, CE, CSA
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C ( 40°C or less in close mounting side-by-side)
Relative Humidity: 20 to 90% RH (no condensation)
Storage Temperature: -25 to 70°C
Dimensions: 48(W)×48(H)×100(D) (mm)
Mounting: Direct panel mounting; mounting bracket, one each for upper and lower mounting
Weight: 0.2 kg