2553A Precision DC Standard

Simple standalone solution for calibrating meters, controllers and sensor transformers with High Accuracy- DC Voltage: ±75 ppm, DC Current: ±120 ppm, High stability: ±15 ppm/h and Low Noise: 2 μVrms 1.00 mV

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  • Intuitive operation
    Dials and switches are provided for each digit and function, and traditional 7-segment LEDs provide clear visibility
  • High resolution – 5.5 digits ±120000 count output resolution
  • Accuracy:
    Voltage: ±75 ppm* for voltage (one year)
    Current: ±120 ppm for current (one year)
  • Temperature calibration – 10 types of thermocouples including K, T, E, and J types
  • User-defined thermocouple and RTD calibration - Generates various types of thermocouple and RTD by extrapolating the relation between voltage and temperature
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  • Calibrate and test analog meters
  • Calibrate and test temperature controllers
  • Calibrate and test sensor transformers
  • Simulates two wire transmitters
  • RJC at output terminals


  • Development, production line testing, and maintenance of thermometers, temperature controllers, and converters used in analytical instruments such as pH meters and oxidation reduction potential (ORP) meters
  • Calibration agencies and company standards laboratories
  • Measuring instrument manufacturers
  • Electric utilities and power plants
  • Analog meter development, production line testing, and calibration
  • Calibration and inspection of measuring instruments and meters


Precision DC Cailibrator Model 2553A is powered by Yokogawa’s highly accurate and precise voltage and current generation technology, capable of generating up to +/- 32 V DC and +/-120 mADC with high reliability and high stability. In addition to calibrating voltage and current meters, the 2553A is also capable of calibrating temperature meters and controllers which measure temperature by thermocouple or Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD). Output value is adjustable intuitively by dials for each digit.

The 2553A can output a wide range of AC voltages (1.00 mV to 1200.0 V) and currents (1.00 mA to 60.00 A) at frequencies of 40 to 1000 Hz. The accuracy (maximum error) is ±0.04% for AC voltage and ±0.05% for AC current, ensuring accurate calibration, and the stability is as high as ±0.005%/h. The easy-to-read digital display and dials for setting each digit are intuitive to use. The current output terminals can be used for all measurement ranges, which improves work efficiency by eliminating the need to change cables for a specific current level.
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The 2553A can calibrate and test analog meters up to ±32 V voltage and ±120 mA current. The strong click from the dial enables easy adjustment of output value without actually looking at the front panel of 2553A. The 2553A can calibrate and test temperature controllers and data loggers using thermocouple and RTD. It provides 10 types of thermocouples regulated in IEC. By setting the temperature value, it generates thermocouple electromotive power and calibrates temperature controllers. It covers various temperature controllers, since it generates higher accuracy voltage than previous model. The 2553A supports the widely used PT100. By setting temperature value, it generates temperature related resistance value. Settings can be done by not only temperature but also resistance value, making it possible to calibrate using resistance value.

Since the 2553A has “Internal RJC mode” where the reference point is the output terminals of the 2553A, it is possible to connect the objective measurement instruments by thermocouple without an external reference junction. In “External RJC mode”, your choice of PT100 can be used with versatile terminal for external sensor. It also has “Manual RJC mode” which enables you to set by entering a reference value.

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  • Specifications
Literature and Technical Information
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AC Voltage / Current Standards

++ Yokogawa 2553A AC Standard Specification Brochure | 1.5 MB
Model: Yokogawa 2553A DC Standards
Frequency range
Accuracy (internal): DC Voltage: ±75 ppm
DC Current: ±120 ppm
Stability: ±15 ppm/h
Noise: 2 μVrms 1.00 mV
Voltage Generation Range Source Range Accuracy (1year) Max. Output
Voltage: 10 mV ±12.0000 mV 40 + 4 µV ——-
  100 mV ±120.000 mV 40 + 4 µV ≤10 mA
  1 V V±1.20000 V 40 + 10 µV 120 mA
  10 V ±12.0000 40 + 100 µV 120 mA
  30 V ± 32.000 V 40 + 300 µV 30 mA
Current Generation Range Source Range Accuracy (1year) Max. Output
Current: 1 mA ±1.20000 mA 50 + 0.03 µA 15V
  10 mA ±12.0000 mA 70 + 0.4 µA 15V
  30 mA ± 32.000 mA 70 + 1.2 µA 30V
  100 mA ±120.000 mA 70 + 4 µA 15V
Temperature Generation Range Source Range Accuracy (1year) Max. Output
Temperature: Pt100 –200.0 to 850.0˚C ±0.15˚C 0.5 to 2 mA
Resistance Generation Range Source Range Accuracy (1year) Max. Output
Resistance: 400 Ω 18.00 to 400.00 Ω 75 + 0.015 Ω 0.5 to 2 mA
Other generation specification
Transient response time: Voltage/Current generation: within 500 ms (No load, Time to reach ±0.01% of final value)
RTD/Resistance generation: within 0.1 ms (Time constant at changing current)
USB PC interface (for PC connection)
Connector: Type B connector (receptacle
Electrical and mechanical specifications: Complies with USB Rev. 2.0
Supported transfer modes: High Speed, Full Speed
Ethernet interface
Connector: RJ-45 connector
Electrical and mechanical specifications: Confirms to the IEEE 802.3
Transmission methods: 100 BASE-TX / 10 BASE-T
GP-IB interface
Electrical and mechanical specifications; Complies with IEEE St’d 488-1978
Functional specifications: SH1, AH1, T6, L4, SR1, RL1, PP0, DC1, DT1, C0
Address: 0 to 30
Warm-up time: Approx. 30 minutes
Power Voltage: 100 to 120 VAC / 200 to 240 VAC / 50/60 Hz
Power supply voltage fluctuation range: 90 to 132 VAC / 180 to 264VAC / 48 to 63 Hz
Power Consumption: 30 VA
Withstand voltage: Between power and case: 1500 VAC 1 min.
Temperature Range: 5 to 40°C
Storage Temperature: -15 to 60°C
Humidity Range: 20 to 80%RH (no condensation)
Dimensions: 213 (W) × 132 (H) × 300 (D) mm
Weight: Approx. 3 kg