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Test and Measurement Instrumentation

IIII [+] Data Acquisition Equipment & Recorders
The series is designed to overcome conventional problems and to offer a flexible response to changes in the environment. This ability to evolve with the times makes the series a new standard for data acquisition equipment.
  • Data Acquisition & Recorders
Yokogawa Handheld Insulation & Earth Testers
  • Data Acquisition Equipment
  • Darwin Hybrid Recorders
III MW100 Data Acquisition Unit
Yokogawa MW100

MW100 Series —DISCONTINUED—Replaced by Modular GM10

• Wide range of temperatures
• Reinforced insulation
• 3700 Vrms (one minute) or 600 Vrms/VDC (continuous)
• Wide variety of network functions
• DC power supply option
• High Speed measurement with a single unit
III GM10 Data Acquisition Unit
Yokogawa GM10

GM10 Series

The GM10 is a scalable modular block I/O data acquisition system and data-logging platform that is designed for easy installation and maintenance and requires no programming. It supports remote web-based or wireless configuration and monitoring via Bluetooth connection. The unit can be DIN rail mounted, wall mounted or act as a standalone desktop application. The Yokogawa GM10 delivers industry leading reliability and measurement accuracy. In addition, a wide range of communication protocols guarantee compatibility with your network architecture.
III MX100 Data Acquisition Unit
Yokogawa MX100

MX100 Series

• Multi-channel
• Acquire data from up to 1200 channels
• Reinforced insulation
• Multi-interval measurement mixed use
• Flexible system configuration
• Versatile PC-bases software options
III WE7000 Data Acquisition Unit
Yokogawa WE7000

WE7000 Series

• Simple data acquisition
• No software development
• Firmware resident
• Isolation & noise immunity
• Fast, reliable data acquisition
• Modular design
III SL1000 ScopeCorder High Channel Count Scopecorder
Yokogawa SL1000 ScopeCorder oscilloscope-Recorder series

SL1000 ScopeCorder

The SL1000 is a modular data acquisition system that delivers independent, isolated channel hardware at high speeds up to 100 MSamples per channel, with no compromise in bit resolution, memory depth, or data streaming performance. Choose from a wide variety of I/O modules for electrical and physical sensor signal measurements to meet the needs of any high channel count application.

III GP10/GP20 Paperless Recorder
Yokogawa GP10

GP10/GP20 Paperless Recorder

• Support for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 for food & drug
• Expansion unit available
• Custom display function
• Ethernet
• Option for connection with WT power meters
• Front panel door with white series

III EY200 Digital Earth Tester
Yokogawa EY200

EY200 Series Digital Earth Testers

• Designed to safety standard IEC 61557
• Reference to IEC 60529: Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP54)
• Large, easy-to-read LCD digital display 1999-count digital reading

• 2P Test leads (for simplified measurement)
• Warns when earth resistance of auxiliary earth spikes exceeds permissible limit

III 3207 Insulation Tester
Yokogawa 3207

3207 Insulation Polytesters

• Measurement Functions:
• Insulation Resistance
• Earth resistance
• Earth voltage
• AC Voltage
• AC Current

III Model MT220 Digital Manometer
Yokogawa MT220

MT220 Series

• High accuracy: ±0.01% of reading
• Measurement with DCV and DCA
• 24 V DC output
• Percent Reading
• Error Reading
• Measurement data memory
III Model MT210/MT210F Digital Manometer
Yokogawa MT210

MT210 Series

• High accuracy: ±0.01% of reading
• Wide range of pressures
• Select from three modes
• Percent Reading
• Error Reading
• Multiple outputs & interfaces
III Model MC100 Pneumatic Pressure Standard
Yokogawa MC100

MC100 Series

• High accuracy: ±0.05% of reading
• Excellent stability
• Low temperature coefficients
• Zero point: ±0.003% of full scale
• Divided output with as many as 20 steps
• Autostep output funciona
III Model MT10 Pneumatic Pressure Standard
Yokogawa MC100

MT10 Series

• High Reliabiltiy
• Compact
• Accuracy ± (0.04% of rdg + 0.03% of F.S.)
• Data Hold Function
• Carrying case
• Three models: 130 kPa, 700 kPa, 3000 kPa