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Virginia Panel Corporation designs, manufactures and markets Interface Connector products for both commercial and military applications. Among its credits, VPC has developed the standard interface system for the United States Air Force Modular Automated Test Equipment Program (MATE). In 1987, General Electric selected VPC to design and develop the United States Navy standard electrical interface for the CASS Program. As a member of the ARINC 608A committee, VPC was instrumental in developing the standard for the Interface Connector Assembly (ICA) used in commercial air transport testing. Additionally, as the VXI standard developed, VPC was the first to offer the most comprehensive connector interface available for VXI.

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VPC Interface Systems

Connector Technology is facing new and ever-growing challenges. With the advent of smaller packaging, higher contact densities and high speed signals, connector companies are faced with new requirements every day. To meet these requirements, Virginia Panel Corporation is equipped with the latest technology for manufacturing interface systems to provide the customer with the most advanced , high quality connector interface available in the market.

III VPC Gemini G2100 Interface Systems

PCB and Pin & Socket in one Interface

  • twin interface solution
  • mix and match our pin & socket connectors
  • design your own PCB
  • 18 module slots wide accommodating up to 3420 Signal I/O
III VPC 50 Series

TAC™ Interface Systems

  • Patented Twin Access Contact (TAC™)
  • TAC features double-ended wiping action
  • TAC technology is available in Signal, Coaxial and Power configuration
  • Maximum contact force of each Signal TAC is 2 ounces
III VPC S90 Series

Integrated Interface Solutions

  • high quality, versatile interface
  • compatible with a wide variety of test applications
  • incorporates VPC’s VXI Interface System

30 Series ARINC 608A Interface Systems

  • developed to meet the commercial airline industry’s needs for a highly reliable connector interface
  • manufactured to to conform to the ARINC 608A>
  • consists of Receiver, Interchangeable Test Adapter, Connector Modules, Contacts and Enclosures
VP VTAC series

VTAC High-Speed Data Solution

  • Modular – SIM VTAC contact work in both the iSeries & 90 Series connector families
  • Scalable – customize between 8-272 individual contacts
  • Reconfigurable – arrange SIM VTAC HSD inserts in desired location and rearrange to fit requirement needs