Yokogawa UT551 (1/4 DIN) Indicating Controller with (“E” , Enhanced)
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     Product Information:
    Active Color PV display features:
  • Alarm Status: Active color display changes from green (normal) to red (alarm) automatically.
  • Deviation Status: Color changes based on a PV deviation from SP.
  • User-defined Color: Choose between green or red display for constant readings.
  • Fast and accurate
  • Tracks fast-changing signals at ±0.1% accuracy and at up to 50ms input sampling period.
  • Sharp and Large 5-digits LED display with 11 x 20 mm digits.
  • Easy control mode selection
  • 8 standard control modes, including single-loop control and loop control with dual-PV switching
  • 24 V DC Loop Power Supply (24 V LPS) for 2-wire transmitters is available as optional function.
  • Expandable inputs and outputs
  • Expandable up to 8 contact inputs and 8 contact outputs, enabling to set as 8 alarm outputs.
  • Support for Light Loader – LL100 PC-based Parameter Setting Tool
  • Easy parameter setting on a PC screen, enabling data to be transmitted through the front panel using an optical communication adapter.
  • Easy to understand hardcopy format and handy CD-ROM user’s manuals.
  • New communication method
  • Modbus, PC-Link & Ladder protocols and coordinated operation are supported.
Product Description:
The UT551 Digital Indicating Controller is an intelligent, micro-processor based digital indicating controller with Ethernet communication functions. It has a user-friendly large numerical display with an “Active Color PV Display” color changing function. The UT551-xA to xD features many functions as standard, which are necessary for various control applications, and all of these functions such as control, control computation, and signal computation functions can be configured by using the keys on the front panel. The controller has eight types of control strategies, the “SUPER” overshoot suppressing function and “SUPER 2″ hunting suppressing function as well as an auto-tuning function that standard. It is suitable for a diverse range of applications, with a position-proportional control model also available. “Ethernet” is a registered trademark of XEROX Corporation.
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