BL-40PSF Leopard Series, Digital Panel Meters

96x24mm Low Profile, 4 Digit, Programmable Scale Factor
Digital Relay Meters
Texmate BL-40 Leopard Slim digital panel meters


  • Three-button programming from the front panel
  • Three front panel selectable ranges.
  • Four-level brightness control of digital display, and setpoint LEDs.
  • Three programmable setpoints.
  • Relay activation can be selected to occur above (HI) or below (LO) each setpoint.
  • Hysteresis setting for all three setpoints. Delay on make and delay on break for SP1 and SP2.
  • Peak and Valley. View and Reset.
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  • External transmitters or signal conditioners can be eliminated by direct connection of the sensor output to more than 38 Plug-in Input Signal Conditioners that include:
    AC/DC Current Pressure Resistance
    AC/DC Voltage Process Temperature*
    Load Cell Prototype 4 to 20 mA
    *See model BL-40PSFH for higher accuracy digitally linearized thermocouple and RTD
  • Optional isolated 16 bit analog output. User or factory scalable to 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 V across any desired digital span from ± one count to the full scale range of – 1999 to 9999 (12000 counts).
  • Auto-sensing AC/DC power supply. For voltages between 85-265 V AC / 95-370 V DC (PS1) or 15-48 V AC / 10-72 V DC (PS2).
  • 24 V DC excitation is available to power external transmitters and 5 or 10 V DC excitation is available for resistance bridge type sensors such as Load Cells and Pressure Transducers.
  • Standard red or optional green or super bright red 4-digit LED with display range –1999 to 9999 (12000 counts).
  • Three annunciator LEDs provide front panel alarm status indication for up to three setpoints.
  • One 10 Amp Form C and one 5 Amp Form A relay, or up to three 5 Amp Form A relays are available.
  • When analog output is installed, one 10 Amp Form C or two 5 Amp Form A relays can be supported.
  • Automatic intelligent averaging smooths noisy signals, while providing a fast display response to real level changes.
  • More than 38 different
    Plug-in I-Series Modular Input Signal Conditioners are approved for Texmate’s Leopard Family of meters.


Texmate’s BL-40PSF series are economically priced, smart programmable relay meter with programmable scale factor and isolated 4 to 20 mA retransmission or control loop output capability for measurement and control applications.
Ideal for OEM applications, more than 38 different Modular Input Signal Conditioners available for flexibility.

n.b. Special meter inputs can be factory scaled.

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Literature and Technical Information
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Digital Panel Meters


++ BL-40PSF Specifications| Brochure (154 kB)
++ Process| Brochure (5.8 MB)
Model: Texmate BL-40PSF Series
Display: 4 Digit 0.56” LEDs
Display Color: Red, Green or Super Bright Red (opt)
Display Range: -1999 to 9999 counts.
Annunciators: 3 red LEDs on front panel; one per setpoint.
Positive Overrange: Top segments of digital display flash
Negative Overrange: Bottom segments of digital display flash
A/D Converter: A/D Converter:
Accuracy: ±(0.05% of reading + 2 counts)
Temp Coeff.: 100 ppm/°C (Typical)
Warm up time: 2 minutes
Conversion Rate: 5 conversions per second (Typical)
Relay Output: A Three 5 Amp Form A relays or one 10 Amp Form C, and one 5 Amp Form A relay.
Analog Output : Isolated 16 bit user scalable mA or V
OIC (mA out): 4-20 mA @ 0 to 500Ω max loop resistance
OIV (volts out): 0-10 V DC @ 500 Ω or higher resistance
Power Supply: AC/DC Auto sensing wide range supply
PS1 (std): 85-265 VAC / 95-370 VDC @ 2.5W max 3.2W
PS2 :/td> 15-48 VAC / 10-72 VDC @ 2.5W max 3.2W
Power supply: 110V or 220V, ±5% at 50Hz; 117V or 230V, ±5% at 60 and 400Hz
Storage Temp: –20 °C to 70 °C
Operating Temp.: 0 to 60 °C
Dimensions: 1/16 DIN Bezel 96x24mm
Depth behind bezel 122.2mm (4.83") Plus 12.7mm (0.5”) for Right-angled connectors
Weight: 7 oz., 9 oz when packed.